Bentonite Clay

Bentonite Clay

Are you all hipped to bentonite clay for hair and skin health?  Apparently it is good for “cleansing, clarifying, moisturizing and conditioning hair” accord to my daughter, Brookie, and the worldwide web. There is myriad of information about the benefits of bentonite clay on the Internet so I won’t reinvent the wheel. I have included some links here for you.

Bentonite Clay How-ToBentonite Clay How-To

The mixtress in me just had to try this out yesterday.  The bestie was selected to be the guinea pig, LOL.  Here is the recipe we used: Bentonite Clay Mask.

This is how the first batch turned out.

lyrics bentonite clay
Clay, coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, water

It seemed kind of watery to me.  I’ve got a video on my cell showing the consistency; however, I can not seem to upload the mp4 here, sigh.  Well, here is my hair all clayed up.  For the second batch that I put into my hair I added 1 tablespoon less water and a skosh more bentonite clay for a thicker mixture.  I made a hot mess of it on the floor while applying it to Bestie’s hair.

Bentonite Clay Hair MaskBentonite Clay Hair Mask

I let the mixture “do what it do” for 30 – 45 minutes under a plastic hair bag allowing my body heat to help out.  Since we heard it is excellent for the face, why not?  Do I not look like a being from Star Trek or what?

bentonite clay facial mask

Here are my locks after the initial treatment.  I did not get a photograph of bestie’s locks after she removed the clay.  Lo siento!


Our bottom line:

As my hair is always soft after co-washing I did not notice a big difference in that department.  The whole thing about detoxing and addressing hair loss peaks my interest and as this is a natural product I know it is not harmful to my hair and skin.

One of the accolades of bentonite clay for hair is that it aids in situations of hair loss.  I am thinning on the top no doubt due to menopause.  That being said I am curious to see if using this regime will effect change and possibly reverse the thinning that I am experiencing in the top, center of my head.

Bestie says it “closed her facial pores tremendously.”  However, she did not state noticing a difference relative to her hair.  I did not notice a difference relative to my face.  Oh, let me state my daughter said it would helps with the dark circles around the eyes.  That definitely caught my attention.

We will continue with the bentonite clay hair and facial treatments and see where it takes us.




Shorty Got Low, Low, Low, Low


Here we go, “Apple bottom jeans, boots with the fir, everybody lookin’ at her.  She hit the floor; next thing you know, shorty got low, low, low, low, low, low, low”.  Don’t ya just love the movie Zookeeper?

Okay, on to my good news.  Just left weigh-in no. 4 (I think); 179.3 lbs.  YAY!!!  I do not know the last time I was one seventy anything!!!!  That’s 7.2 lbs down from when my job’s “Biggest Loser” contest began.  I know this is a vintage style sewing blog, but I am really excited about this progress and me thinks writing in public adds another level of accountability.  Plus, thankfully, I am surrounded by positive well wishers like YOU.

Now, gang, I’m going to need you all to pull together and send good vibes, strong will my way.  I go home next week.  And, ahem, at home I can get things like bean pie, peach cobbler, and fried white bass fish.  The good things is, we have Anytime Fitness at home and oh yeah, I WILL be a workin’ out.  Can I get an “amen”?




A Biggest Loser

the biggest loser

Okay, ladies (and any really cool gents who may be readers of Sew Lyrically Vintage), they say confession does something for the soul, whatever.  My job has a “Biggest Loser” contest going on and I decided to play along.  I asked a fella to take  these this morning just after the weigh-in.

Lyric Big Skirt 4-21

Weigh-ins are every Thursday until May 26th.  The grand prize $500.00 (mamma needs a car to get to the ministry and work).   I am not even scheduled to work today but I got my butt up at 0600 and prepared to drive to the weigh-in.  This is the third weigh-in.  Last week I went up 1/2 lb.  Hey, check it, my husband treated me to an impromptu luncheon and my congregation took us Pioneers (full time ministers) to a luncheon.  The increased weight was worth it, don’t you think?

Lyric 4-21

Try for the life of me I can’t find the post when I blogged about making this skirt.  I could have sworn there was one.    I was away from my Tabitha and thus made the skirt by hand while visiting family either last year or the year before.  I tell ya, time is going so fast.  A small person could fit in there.  YAY!!!

I have decided whether I win the $500 or not I will be “a biggest loser” for ME.  In March my friend encouraged me to join a local gym with her.  We even hired Matt, the personal trainer.  When I first when to the gym I was at least 189 lbs.  In a month’s time I had gone down to under 185.  I love it and I do not want to go back to the 190s.

Now, hitting the 170s seems to be a reach.  But I AM GOING TO DO IT!  Lifting weights, behavior modification, next to no McDonald’s (I have enjoyed the snack wrap, no ranch sauce, and the small parfait).  This from a McDonald’s-a-holic.  I used to eat there daily and I am proud of myself so far for exercising restraint.  Basically instead of eating sweets with wild abandon, I am watching what I decide to put into my mouth.  I ask myself often, “Is it worth it?”  When I think of the money I spend to workout at Anytime Fitness and the fact that I am only part-time; i.e., not much money, I refuse to waste all that I am doing for a stupid pastry.

I am working toward viewing my “choices” not as deprivation, but sensical (is that a word) choices for healthier living.  I was almost 200 lbs., with body fat of over 45%, pre-diabetic and hypertensive ; i.e., a disaster in the making.  When I last visited my doctor my LDL had dropped 24 points (that is the bad one, right)?  My hope is that my next visit in August will remove me from the one medication I am taking.  At the very least go from the current 10mg down to 5 mg.

Apparently I should be drinking a gallon of water a day.


Still working to get to that.  It’s not that I do not enjoy water, it’s more of remembering to drink the stuff.  At work, I’m busy.  While in the ministry, I’m busy ministering, LOL.  I’ll reach it though.  By “choice”.  Hey, perhaps I should do this!

water bomb drink water

Stay with me on this successful journey to health, reduced weight, and Sew Lyrically granny styled cuteness to the max!

Yours in good health and happiness by “choice”,


Simplicity 1421

Simplicity 1421

Though vintage styling tickles my fancy, colourful clothing a la Africa, India, Japan, Pakistan, Thailand, Morocco and Middle Eastern are equally uplifting in my book.  Therefore when I saw That Black Chic’s version of Simplicity 1421 I experienced multiple eyegasms.  I can NOT get that jacket out of my mind.  Not to mention, check out the model . . . . her beautiful daughter.

I told Ms. Michelle (That Black Chic blog author) that I would not have purchased this pattern simply by looking at the envelope.  She truly made this jacket come alive with her sassy style and keen eye for colour and design.

Now with my own pattern in hand fabric purchase is my next step.  Oh, and just like Michelle paid it forward here is a link to beautiful textiles Michael Levine Fabrics.  I do hope to purchase my own fabric this week.  I want this jacket to be fitted so I am thinking a toile is a must.  Uwww, I am giddy, check out that double faced binding.  Mm mmm mmmm!

Please, stay tuned for the Lyrically styled version of this baby.  Me thinks a chic straight skirt will finish off the look to boot!



Cora Running Tights

Cora Pants

Recently while at a local sporting goods store a pair of workout pants caught my eye. I meandered over, fingered the fabric, and then the price tag came into view. EXCUSE ME!!!!!! The pants were the standard grey, they may have had another colour, frankly I don’t remember. But, I DO remember the price tag. Humor me, what do you think the things cost? Go ahead, spew out a number. I’ll hum the Jeopardy tune while you think about it. . . . . Okay, do you give? The stinkin’ things were $60.00!!!!!

Blue Cora Running Tights

Look, when I’m working out, especially pushing those heavy weights there is no telling what manner of air that may escape from this old body. There ain’t no way I am going to pay that kind of money for exercise pants to sweat in, fart in, maybe even a leak of, ahem, water while I am working out. Seriously, folks! I am SEW glad my mamma and auntie taught me how to sew. In comes Jalie 3462 Cora Running Tights and Shorts.

cora running tights

Ya gotta love the Internet. A lady in one of the sewing discussion groups I am in posted about this little gem. I had to have her and now I do. Yay! Immediately I commenced to acquiring fabric to whip up a few. Humph, I was also inspired to take out the serger that one of my Christian sisters GAVE me. Yup, did you read me? She GAVE it to me, but since we live off the grid I have been unable to use it. I took that baby over another friend’s house and I am now in the process of getting acclimated to it. Hmm, I’ve go to give her a name. Ater all my hand crank Tabitha and treadle Hadassah each have a name.

Black and white knit
Thanks to Fashion Fabrics Club and I now have six funky, fun fabrics ready to go for my very own workout pants.  I am sew excited to be making these.  They are one of those garments that I just never considered sewing for myself.
Paisley knit

I love, love swirly, colourful, graphic designs and styles.  Not to mention if I’m gonna make ’em why go for the plain and mundane!  The photo swatch above does not do this fabric justice (I simply have GOT to get a digi cam and quit using this cell phone).  Hopefully the finished product will be photographed better.

Four other fabrics were purchased but I did not have a chance to photograph them so stay tuned for my Lyrically styled version of the Cora workout pant.



Pink Gingham McCalls 6696

Pink Gingham from Australia12/2015

My sewing bud, Natasha, sent this fabric from Australia.  To some gingham may be gingham, but this is my oh so cool Australian, from Natasha gingham.  Sew whenever I wear this frock I will remember her and love my Aussie frock.

Photo credit:

This is destined to be a McCall’s 6696 shirtwaist with short sleeves.  My first time using this pattern I opted for the sleeveless view.  This version will have the short sleeve.  Perhaps I’ll have enough fabric to squeeze out a belt.  Or, of course, I may use the white one purchased to go with my first McCalls 6696.

McCalls 6696-Recline

Since the dress will be all gingham perhaps I can mix things up a bit by cutting the bodice yoke, collar, and waistband on the bias.  That is if I have enough fabric.


As it turns out, I was able to cut the button placket (or whatever you call the piece that the buttons and holes will be installed) and waistband and the bias.

Stay tuned for the finished piece!



Simplicity 1200 Three-Quarter Circle Skirt

Simplicity 1200

Quick weekend project here, Simplicity 1200, three-quarter circle skirt.  These circle skirts are growing on me.  They are comfy as well as cute.  Now that I have made one each of full circle and 3/4 circle I believe I look nicer in the 3/4 style circle skirt.

Simplicity 1200

This pattern has crossed my paths several times and I never bit always thinking I had plenty of circle skirt patterns.  For some reason, last Jo-Ann sale I went ahead and purchased it.  Apparently I won’t be looking back on this one.  I like that the waistband is tall and sits nicely under my cinch belt. The only thing I might add to this would be a side inseam pocket . . . maybe.

Atomic Type Fabric

This was a really fun fabric, I think.  It was on the 50% rack at Jo-Ann Fabrics and I got the last of the bolt.  Sew glad I stumbled upon this gem.  It reminds me of that atomic fabric I’ve read the cyber sewists write about.  Truly, I would like to work with more as I build my vintage style wardrobe.








1950s Shirt Dress Reveal

1950s Shirtwaist

Remember the 1950s Shirt Dress Sewing Circle?  Finally, I have completed the project.  I feel good as the deadline is the end of the month and it’s only the 17th.

1950s Shirtwaist Pink Belt

Thanks to those that hung in with me while completing this project.  🙂  Truly these photos do not do the colours justice.  The pink is oh so pretty.  The hubby took the Projeblogging this year, LOL.   These were taken with a Galaxy cell phone.

Tan Plaid 50s Shirtwaist

Project wrap-up:

This dress was not difficult at all to complete.  Actually, it was quite fun to put together.  She is quite comfy to wear too.  Get this, I made this frock too large.  There is about 2 – 3 inches that could have been taken in at the waist.  Thankful for the belt and full skirt which I think hides the extra fabric.  When I put the dress on Sunday morning, low and behold, the chest area was too low (too big there too) so I donned a black camisole.  You can see it peeping in the photograph.  I’ll probably purchase a hot pink one to go with the dress.  I cut and sewed the largest size on the pattern envelope in conjunction with my measurements.  Clearly, that wasn’t right.  I am learning pattern fitting and am no discouraged by this dress being too large.  We’ll simply call it a wearable muslin.

I made two ribbon belts, one pink as above and one taupe.  The pink one fits my waist exactly.  For real I thought it was going to pop apart, but it hasn’t yet.  The pink one I made a tad looser.

I would have loved to incorporate the hot pink piping that I purchased.  But hey, perhaps another garment, another time.  I love piping so I am sure it will be used.  The only reason I may not make this again is because of all the other wonderfully cute patterns that are begging to be lyrically styled.



Flower Sack Dresses From the Flour Mills (Historical Kindness)

How precious. I would LOVE to make a feedsack frock.

Kindness Blog

In times gone by, amidst widespread poverty, the Flour Mills realized that some women were using sacks to make clothes for their children. In response, the Flour Mills started using flowered fabric…

With the introduction of this new cloth into the home, thrifty women everywhere began to reuse the cloth for a variety of home uses – dish towels, diapers, and more. The bags began to become very popular for clothing items.

Flower Sack Dresses From the Flour MillsAs the recycling trend looked like it was going to stay, the manufacturers began to print their cloth bags – or feedsacks – in an ever wider variety of patterns and colors.

Some of the patterns they started using are shown below

Flower Sack Dresses From the Flour Mills Flower Sack Dresses From the Flour Mills Flower Sack Dresses From the Flour Mills Over time, the popularity of the feedsack as clothing fabric increased beyond anyone’s wildest expectations, fueled by both ingenuity and scarcity.

By the time WWII dominated the lives of Americans, and cloth for fabric was in…

View original post 261 more words

Sew Chic Pattern Company Review

tia dress patternIt’s 4:56 p.m. and I have just opened and perused my very first Sew Chic pattern.  Welcome to my impromptu Sew Chic Pattern Company Review.  Yes, the Miss Tia Dress, #LN1312 made her way to the Sew Lyrical She Shack (the beat up park model trailer which will single-handedly someday, somehow be transformed into my she cave, my Diva Den, my sewing haven).  Yet, I digress.

Can you be proud of someone you’ve never even met? That’s how I feel about Ms. Laura Nash, the owner, designer, pattern maker dare I say it, brains and beauty behind Sew Chic Pattern Company.  First of all, I received a personal email from Ms. Nash after I ordered the pattern and she had shipped Miss Tia telling me that I was the proud owner!  Talk about raising anticipation for a parcel!

Now, today, I opened my package and VOILA!  Let’s start from the outside.  The pattern is packaged in a zip lock bag which is needed around our Hip Hillbilly Farm (i.e., the house).  The colourful artwork is crisp and lovely and includes a photo of the frock on a live model in addition to a coloured sketch (is that what it’s called?)  The sizes are all inclusive (2-18), yippee, according to envelope measurements it’ll fit even me!!

The tissue paper is white, easy to read, and is thicker than the other pattern companies’ paper.  I like it.  Oh, before I forget, Ms. Nash includes a Fabric Conversion Chart in a nice card stock.  Now how nifty that little token of appreciation is!  For double safe keeping I have placed mine in a page protector and will have to think of somewhere clever to keep it for reference.  I will probably copy, reduce one for reference and keep it with me for fabric shopping excursions.

Oh, also included in the parcel is an invitation to her sew-along of Simplicity pattern #1061 which I purchased months ago not even knowing about Sew Chic.  It was for fall of 2015, and I can imagine the fun all had who participated.

Simplicity 1061

The style simply spoke to me.  My new sewing buddy and I purchased it together.  Now I really am excited about sewing it up.  Wonder if Sew Chic has other patterns over at Simplicity?

Oh, last but not least the $10.00 discount on Ms. Nash’s Craftsy class makes me wish we weren’t off the electrical grid so I could have Internet access at home and take advantage of the offer, LOL.

Back to the pattern . . . the instructions are in booklet form.  Yesssss!  I have hardly cracked it open and love it already.  How concise and easy to use, not all large and cumbersome like the other pattern companies instructions.  I love it.

I believe a bona fide toile for the bodice versus a wearable muslin is what will happen.  I want this frock to fit me like white on rice.  As usual the skirt instructions read easey peasey.  They say most patterns are designed for a “B” bust.  I am a “DD”.  Therefore, I’ll tissue fit this princess seamed bust section and go from there.

Sew Chic has a skirt and short jacket with my name written all over it.  Can you say, Spin Skirt?   Meanwhile, stay tuned for a Lyrically styled Tia Dress.