Projects in my head and on my wish list!

This frock is absolutely gorgeous AND I can crochet the medallions!  It should be fairly simple to find a vintagy dress pattern with a jewel neckline, cone pockets, bias binding, crochet thread and get busy.

1930's dress with crochet trim

This sun dress speaks to me.  I’d like to see the neckline a skosh lower for my frame though.  The skirt is no biggie.  I’d have to do a toile for the midriff.  I think it is the focal point of the frock.  Then again, check out that neckline detail.

50s Sun Dress

As my girl Trish says, “Sew together squares of thrifted tees.  Might be able to knock this off in a colorful way.  Awesome idea!”  I am wondering if I can pull this off with my vintage 1925 sewing machine though.  It has no stretch stitch.  Then again, Alabama Chanin mentions sewing jersey knit fabric by hand.  Perhaps I could do that! This skirt just looks oh so comfy and soft.


I see  a skirt embellished partially or the skirt portion of a dress embellished with coloured bias tape.  This is Alabama Chanin’s rendition of Mary Adam’s design.

Wowsers, in colour.

AC Bias Party Skirt

I’ll be this baby would weigh a ton, LOL, but be oh so worth it!

AC Red Bias Skirt

Clearly I have a “skirt” thing.  Tuppence’s skirts made my brain go gaaa gaaaa.  I usually do not like full circle skirts.  I would like to pull this one off in a 3/4 or 1/2  circle skirt.

Photo credit: Tuppence Ha’penny

The only thing I like as much as a sassy skirt is a shirtwaist.  You younguns might know them as shirtdresses.  Want to talk versatility, style, and timeless design.  Turn to the shirtwaist for all of that.  🙂  This one made of African design fabric . . . please . . .  shut your mouth.  I am sew going to make one for ME.

African-inspired shirtwaist. Now THAT’S ingenious!

ETA:  I am writing to you from February, 2019 and by golly I have not done one of the projects above.  On the positive side I have done a heapa bunch of other projects.  As it turns out I still want to do them so won’t delete them.  I am still on a skirt kick and have been posting on Instagram.  Check me out over there @sewlyricallyvintage.






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