Classic Milk Chocolate Brownies

Wait! I thought the other was the one for me. I think I will try THIS one first. After January, ’22, of course. 🙂

Cooking Keto With Faith

Have you tried our rich and decadent CHOCOLATE LOVERS BROWNIE yet?
That recipe was made with Choc-a-holics in mind. It is the most chocolatey brownie you’ll ever eat….
However, you can really only eat one (which can be a good thing!!) because of how rich and decadent it is.
So we’ve decided to put up a recipe for a CLASSIC CHOCOLATE BROWNIE, made with milk chocolate instead of dark chocolate, and also some chopped walnuts thrown in there for texture!
This is the Brownie from your childhood, and the one that my daughter Faith prefers the most!!
Feel free to swap out the walnuts for Chocolate Chips too!!

Baking is an exact science, rather than a skill, so for the best brownies, try and stay as close to the recipe as possible. Using an instant read thermometer is going to yield better results than using the time method.


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Chocolate Lovers Brownies

Oh yeah, so gonna make these in the new year. For now I am working the carnivore thing. Gotta bring my A1c waaay down.

Cooking Keto With Faith

These are the most decadent, rich, chocolatey, fudgy, brownies I’ve ever eaten!!
That includes non keto brownies too! They really are a Chocolate Lovers Brownie.
They basically have a built in portion control, by being so decadent and rich, you really only need 1 piece.
I like to serve mine with whipped cream, but keto ice cream would be great too!
If you prefer the CLASSIC MILK CHOCOLATE BROWNIE like from your childhood, then click on the highlighted link.

Baking is an exact science, rather than a skill, so for the best brownies, try and stay as close to the recipe as possible. Using an instant read thermometer is going to yield better results than using the time method.


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Pattern Destashing Update and eBay

Ready to Go!

For all intents and purposes the pattern destashing is going well. Or shall I say went well. I decided to go with eBay and a Facebook group to rehome them. Yes, I actually opened up a FB account to accomplish this. Within a few days I wound up taking the patterns off FB and hopefully before end of month I will delete the account.

Now, let’s talk about the eBay experience. I have been an infrequent seller on eBay for decades. Have achieved “above average” seller rating. Uwww, my! 🙂 Regarding this destash I posted about 10 children’s patterns initially. I think maybe three or so of them sold (which is why I removed from FB which nothing moved in the short time there, I admit). I went ahead and listed starting with my Simplicity patterns. Thankfully, I did not list all the brands I had which as you know topped at about 100.

My listing strategy was one I was told when learning poker (or was it Bid Whist?). “Play to win” they said. So, I listed to sell (still, in the back of my mind hoping to recoup SOMEthing. Many of the patterns were listed $1.99, $2-$4.99. I did have two Charm Patterns by Gertie which (in my book) were very expensive. Both, uncut. The one, “Night and Day Dress” originally cost me about $30 including shipping. It comes in a box . . . uwww wee. I put that baby on eBay, and auction vs. “Buy It Now” for like $10.99. FOOLISH OF ME!! Seriously, I took a big hit on that one. I really should have priced it fairly – fair to me that is – and simply waited and not been impatient. The other Gertie pattern was a little bit less expensive but still not one of your Jo-Ann buy one get one priced patterns. I think it may have been like $18 or somewheres in that neighborhood. Of course the same seller bid on both (she’s not stupid). Wonder if she is going to turn around and resell like someone with sense or keep and make for herself. I know, not my business.

Okay, so nine patterns sold to one person including the two above that I mentioned. The rest were relisted. After getting the few children’s patterns together that initially sold, packaging them, printing shipping lists, schlepping to the post office, blah, blah, ladies I deleted all the other eBay auctions! Like I told hubby for $2-4, minus eBay fees, minus my fees for shipping supplies it WAS NOT worth my time and definitely NOT my effort. No way!

Remember I had all together about 100 patterns. At this point there were still stacks of other brand name, uncut patterns on the sofa. I boxed those babies up and told hubby to take them to the Goodwill vehicle in the parking lot of a shopping center. I guess he did. Lemme go ask him right quick. BRB. Ok, he states that he did.

Still in Ladie Lair reorganizing – check out the shelf that held all those printed patterns.

Those plastic containers were once chock full of patterns. The whole shelf side-to-side had patterns on it. Now, there is one box, on the right end with patterns that I decided to keep. Pdf patterns are on the bottom shelf. Will be interesting to see what makes the cut for them. Honestly, I do not favor pdf’s and I doubt that I will ever make any of them. I will give them one last look-over and chance to redeem themselves.

One last thing about eBay which drove me to chuck selling my patterns there. Recently they have made changes with their payment system. They no longer deal with Pay Pal they way they used to. In the past bidders paid me via PayPal. eBay used to bill sellers and we had until a certain day to pay the fees for the month. Wasn’t broke (IMHO); did not need fixin’. Okay, so NOOWWW, eBay has taken control of the money. Customer pays, then eBay gets THEIR $$ and puts the rest into seller bank account.

Here’s the problem: 1) I don’t like companies/folk IN my bank account especially a non-essential thing/service. 2) It seems to take longer for ME to be paid than when working with Pay Pal. For instance, the patterns in the box at the beginning of this post were paid for on 9/3. I am STILL waiting for the funds to hit MY account so I can pay for all involved with shipping it to the customer. Yes, I know the secular holiday. My concern is this may affect my “above standard” rating because the items were not shipped the minute the bidder paid. I hope the holiday is taken into consideration.

Having said that, reflecting on the new algorithm of eBay payments . . . as soon as the bidder gets her box and all is well I am pulling seller status from eBay. I am “stick me with a fork” done. I have not the patience nor desire to deal with it all. The low price of my product made this WHOLE thing a waste of my time and if I think about it too long I get angry at how stupid I was.

Back to the fun stuff – cleaning up the Ladie Lair. A loong way to go. That carpet needs cleaning (pssst, it needed cleaning when the property manager dropped it off). If it were MY house I would replace it, put down a hard floor, and m a y b e have an area rug in some small area; but definitely not where I sew, serge and roll the chair around getting to one area after another. 🙂

Have a real cool day, ladies! 🙂


Simplicity Pattern Stack

Simplicity Stack to Go!

This project is bigger than I realized it would be. Pulled out all the Simplicity bunch. After taking this shot I grouped them by style and they are sitting on top of Hadassah (my 1890ish treadle sewing machine. From what I recall about selling on Etsy not sure if the rigamaroll is worth it for one project. Also, I think Etsy listing are for a limited amount of time versus until sold. Suppose I should check. K, I am back. Etsy is a no-go for this pattern destashing project.

Looking at this laid out perhaps I should assign a number to each pattern and retake the photo before uploading to eBay. I have seen where people will have several items in an auction versus having dozens of individual auctions. That would keep from having to list ALL my patterns separately. They should probably be grouped by price to make things less confusing for the viewer. Guess what, the second photo, top row . . . I have already pulled that vintage style swing coat to keep for myself. LOL!

Really should have taken the top left pattern out of that bag, ugghhhh! Ok, well, I am re-taking group shots with respective numbers anyway. Phew, the afternoon is flying. Think I will finish this up and take a break from pattern organizing and selling for the day. Other chores are a callin’ me!


Charm, Simplicity, McCalls, Oh My!

This is called A Heapa Buncha Patterns For Sale

After taking photos of my pattern stack in the Ladie Lair I figured it would be fun to spread them and and get a real good look-see. By far, the majority of them are new and uncut.

These have been stored in plastic containers with lids. Kind of out of sight and out of mind. Now that I am gathering them for re-homing I feel some kind of way. Geesh.

These do not include the children’s patterns and the few vintage ones here. The vintage ones are so old I am leary to touch them. I should show them for they are so cute. Here’s hoping they find a new home where they are useful, appreciated.

Vintage Stack 2
Vintage Stack 1

Hmm, something just crossed my mind. Ethically speaking if a pattern has never been cut do you think it should be sold for less than the original price (keeping in mind if it was purchased on sale – then that price)?

These are a small portion of what is here that needs to find a new home.

$25.00 including shipping
Accepting Pay Pal for your protection!

I recall having to have the Charm Patterns Night and Day Dress. Practically felt it was to-die-for and now here she is on the chopping block. This has to be the MOST expensive pattern I have ever purchased. Never cut. 72 dresses, can you imagine? This is one I refuse to donate; NEVER. I need to recap some funds.

Along those lines, I took Laura’s advice. I went ahead and created a FB page (ONLY TO MOVE THESE PATTERNS THEN, bye-bye). I have applied to one group so far. Wanting this project to speed along I probably need to find others. I started uploading my children’s patterns to eBay last night. If the FB pattern selling group goes as well as Laura indicated perhaps I can cancel the eBay auctions. Let’s hope.

Almost forgot, I have a crate FULL of printed pdf patterns. Should I include them for sale re-homing or repurpose the copy paper for say calligraphy practice?

Thinking of how I should catalog these during the “Rehoming Sale”. What do you think: by pattern company name, by style, by size? Remembering advice given when learning a certain card game “Play to win”; I want to price these to go. With the exception of the one or two Vogues and definitely that Charm Pattern, should I simply make them all the same price? What would you knowing ladies look for in a destashing pattern sale?


New Blog/URL?

Ya know, I have been thinking since Thursdayish. With all the parameters to consider about blogging I should probably change my blog name and go ahead and buy the url. Not going to reinvent the wheel and list all the stuff that needs to be considered. Ain’t nobody got time for that. I need your help!

Brainstorming possibilities this morning I came up with a few. Needless to say some I like better than others. There is always that gotta find something NOT taken, short enough to remember, easy to spell, blah, blah, blah. Without further ado, here are my first thoughts. Not married to any of them so don’t worry about hurting my feelings. Let your honest opinion(s) rip, please. In no particular order (all are dot coms):
















Of the myriad of principles swarming through my mind the main one that is gnawing at me was the one about the name should reflect the niche/topic. My blog will be about “stuff”; stuff I do, wanna do, used to do (don’t plan on deleting all that old content). Oh, and I gotta say . . . I have a thing about arts vs. crafts. Actually looked up the definition. As it turns out I am craftsy not artsy and I feel some kinda way about it (see some of the choices above). I am sooooo funny – laughing at self.

So, you say what, my blogging peeps! ‘Preciate your input.


Ladie Lair: Sewing Studio, Space, Stuff

Really, I ought to be embarrassed about the Ladie Lair. Years waiting, I finally have a dedicated sewing studio (love that description for our spare bedroom) and it has come to this. When sewjo left I allowed the room to go to pot. But for real yaw’ll, what happened wuz. Two Thursdays ago, Kallie, our cat, had her first litter. The closet in this room was designated as her delivery/nursery area. I did the responsible cat mom thing and consulted YouTube on how to make sure the delivery would be a success. Yeah, I carved out a cardboard box, put a towel on the bottom and waited.

Spending time on blog yesterday put a spark in my sewjo. No, she’s not back; but she sure wants to straighten up the Ladie Lair. Not to mention soon the kittens will be running around terrorizing the house and I want my sewing items protected. The plan for the kittens is as soon as they are weaned three of them and mamma go out to the land (hubby is building a farm, another story for another time). I will keep ONE of the kittens here where we rent to keep field mice at bay. Anthony says we live in the country and mice are simply a thing. Ugghhh, I hate anything coming in my house to live that does not pay rent.

Current section of Ladie Lair. Can’t show the whole room. I have my pride, ya know. LOL!

First thing I have in mind . . . purge sewing patterns that I most likely will never use. Always knew it needed to be done; but I fought the notion with the fierceness of the folks you see on Hoarders. Thrift them, eBay? Let’s start with trying eBay (actually that is a stall ’cause I kinda wanna/don’t wanna get rid of them. Evil laugh – bwwahhhh haaa! Wish I had friends that would be interested in them. One fell swoop is better than the slow drag of trying to sell them. Ugghh, I hate selling stuff.

Might be cool to put up a post of all the patterns that will go bye-bye. Yeah, have a send off, a funeral if-you-will. Who knows, someone may meander in here and see something they like. Many (if not most) of them have never been cut. Or, is it a celebration? A celebration of freedom, simplification, of return to a neat sewing space.

Coming clean: Opening photo credit: Pinterest via (Looked for better source, hit a dead end). Opening photo was selected because it has some elements of what I am looking for when I transform the Ladie Lair. For instance, the metal shelving. I have one of those (see photo above) and need to add at least a couple more. Pssst, we are also planning on using those in our kitchen in place of wall shelves. The paint: Ladie Lair walls will be painted apricot with black accented sewing accessories. Not sure if what I am thinking is actually apricot or peaches and cream. Perhaps they are interchangeable, hmmm? The white tables are exactly what I have now. Thinking I will need one more because, sigh, I will be combining my Ladie Lair with my study/watercolouring/journaling/calligraphy room [IF we move onto the land he is making into a farm to be called “Hip Hillbilly Farm”]. Old lady stamping feet, having a 62 year aged person’s tantrum.

Stay tuned as I come up with affordable elements for the Ladie Lair makeover project. Better yet, chime in with some suggestions!


Bloglovin’ and Instagram

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

It has been so long since I gave attention to my blog that I have forgotten how to efficiently use my dashboard, uploading of posts and all the good stuff that is WP blogging. For instance getting my blog updated and available on Bloglovin’. I needed to put code as a post for them to read it. Back in the day I had it at the right side with a cool pic (it is still there, but not sure if it works); so I put it here as a post (like they instructed). Boy does it look kinda silly as a whole post to itself.

Oh well, bare with me as I figure out how to update my website. It may take a while. But, I have a plan. September I am taking a month-long hiatus from my two (yeah, two) Instagram accounts. Hanging out here yesterday reminded me how much fun I had posting and sharing on my blog. It would be a nice use of a little of my time getting reaqcuainted with Ms. Sew Lyrically Vintage. 🙂

Here’s The Tea – 2021!

Not Only Older But Better

It has been almost 10 months since I visited Sew Lyrically Vintage. My life (as many of yours) has done a 180 relative to the beginnings of this blog. Truth be told I should probably totally revamp/rename her. Let’s discuss some of the changes that have taken place, shall we?

The most significant thing and that which really impacts Sew Lyrically Vintage is that I am now a member of the senior citizenry! Who knew!!! LOL. My style and attitude on a matter or two has consequently changed. For instance, when I began this blog I had a desire to change my day-to-day attire to that of vintage style a la 1930-1959 and wearing no pants. I never quite hit that mark; but the short journey on the way was fun.

Now I sport what is being called a “Rona” body there is NO WAY I am going to wear a 1950s frock complete with gathered or cinched waist with a petticoat underneath. My hips are at least 48. No need for such foolishness going on underneath. Oh, did I tell yaw’ll I have not sat significantly at my sewing machine in years at this point? I am not counting the myriad of facemasks that I made over the last year or more.

Interestingly, I still have great interest in Indian and Middle Eastern dress and decor. My expanded waist and hip line simply adores Indian salwars, dhotis, kameez, and saris. Should social distancing ever be lifted my plan is to wear such garb when out and about for comfort, style, and beauty.

Actually, though my sewjo got up and went I know she will return. Therefore, I think I will leave Sew Lyrically Vintage intact. Funny though because it is not like there are a heapa bunch of followers that would be bewildered not knowing where to find me, LOL. As names go, I have gotten used to it. And, I do still enjoy vintage fashions. Just because I can not (read that will not) wear Rockabilly, there is much sophistication to the garments of the 1930s-1950s woman.

The other change is that I have jumped feet first into journaling: bullet journaling, personal journaling, art journaling, junk journaling – all of it. Too much of my time is spent over on Instagram looking and learning at people’s journal layouts. At the present I am actively writing in no less than six dedicated journals and travel notebook inserts.

That rabbit hole lead to watercolouring. I am learning how to watercolour. It is SO much fun. People are very generous with their time and energy sharing tutorials on YouTube. Oh, as for my sewjo she did not entirely get up and go because guess what I made: leather travel journal covers. In the picture above there is at least $200 worth of leather journal covers (not to mention the journals themselves) right! Well, I could change journal covers with the season so I HAD to do something about the expense of it all. No, going vegan wasn’t the answer. I started making my own leather covers. So far I have two, no three, under my belt.

Me-made leather journal cover

The cover above is standard sized, undyed vegetable tanned leather. She houses a Stalogy 365 journal cut down to standard size which is approximately 8″ x 4″. Being a newbie at sewing leather I kept it simple; there are no pockets on the inside. But, I can slip things inside where the journal front and back covers slide in. Perhaps in the near future when I next make a cover I will include fancy pockets. One of the other covers that I made does include extra pockets. This leather is a bit thicker than that one though.

The other rabbit hole that grabbed me is fountain pens. Inexpensive fountain pens. Not a pen snob here, I like affordable stuff. The most expensive fountain pen that I own is a TWISBI Eco. I can not imagine spending a lot of money on something I throw into my purse; may lend out to someone to write with and forget to get it back and on and on. My little collection consists of Lamy, Pilot, TWISBI and no-name fp’s from China. When younger I was all about the medium tipped writing instruments. Not any more. Now, it is all about the fine and extra fine tipped pens.

Wrapping up this post I have to tell yaw’ll that I am learning calligraphy! Yipppeeee!!! From what I can tell it will be a lifelong endeavor for me. I don’t think one ever reaches perfection. It has only been a year from me so the journey is in its infancy.

So, in spite of all the growth and changes I am too lazy to change the name of my blog and work to “get it out there”. I would like to reserve the right to blog about whatever tickles my fancy. After all, isn’t that the prerogative of an ole lady?

Until next time,


2020 What’s Happenings

My how time flies. I won’t even go into dialogue about the events of this year. We all know and we are all sick and tired of it.

That being said, my sewing this year has been face masks. Early in the year a friend suggested I make it a business. Must have been the upteenth “business” I have attempted. Can you believe it the fee for a mask was $25. She got the orders, I made ’em; sent them to her; or directly to the customer. That lasted about three weeks before the market began to flood with $6 masks.

At that price I’d give them away. But, who can obtain fabric, thread, electricity, equipment, etc., etc., etc., and maintain a “business” at $6/mask. Need I say more? [Rolling my eyes]

The photos below are some of my personal masks. most have filters sewn inside. The ones for the project that I am sewing now are much more simple (those were the instructions I was given).

At this point responding to an email from a spiritual sister of mine I now sew masks, send them to a central point and it is my understanding they are being shared with people dealing with disasters and those in need. It is what we are known to be doing, helping our neighbors. And, I am satisfied with that.

The interesting this, get this, I was about to thin out my little stash and give my fabric away to charity. I have some fabric that I know I will not sew up. Built it up during my frenzy sewing period 2011-2018. And now here I am wanting to get rid of it. Well, before taking that step the email came through inviting me to join the other sisters in making these masks. Voila, something to do with my fabrics (the ones that qualify as in cotton).

Garment sewing is at the back of my mind these days. I have enough clothing to last me until post armageddon and I have zero interest in a garment sewing enterprise.

Due to all the woman hours I have put into this blog I can not fathom deleting it, LOL. Perhaps something in life will change and I may come up with topics to post. Meanwhile, I am an Instagram rabbit hole faller downer. Over there constantly posting something – personally and student-wise. You see, I have taken up learning copperplate calligraphy AND business penmanship this year. Current pandemic conditions make it sweet for staying inside (presumably safe) while learning something useful.

Thank you to anyone still around to read this post. Last I wrote there was one or two, bless their hearts, that fit the bill.

I wish you all safety, health, and happiness. Truly, “this too shall pass”; and I am not talking due to 2021 coming in. I mean something better and everlasting. Revelation 21:3, 4.