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Lyric_locksHello and thank you for visiting Sew Lyrically Vintage.

A friend once described me as effervescent.  “How cool is that?”, I thought.  My latest kick is period films and dress and not unlike Amanda Price in Lost In Austen, I have fallen in love with the gowns and manners of the 18th and 19th century ladies.  This brings me to one of the main reasons behind Sew Lyrically Vintage.

In the process of converting my wardrobe from pants and jeans to dresses and skirts to that of 1930s through 1950′s attire I decided to write about the journey.  The women of those eras dressed like ladies, they were modest and exuded je ne se quoi.   Not to mention when I found out  skirts are cooler than pants for work and daily wear that did it for me especially living in this humid climate.

Helping me with this venture are Tabitha and Dorcas my 1925 hand crank and treadle sewing machines.  Well, actually I haven’t used Dorcas yet (long story you can read all about it here), but Tabitha is a trooper.  You see, me and the hubby live off the grid.  That’s a story in and of itself.

ETA:  As of 2017 we are no longer off the grid.  However, I brought Tabitha and Dorcas with me to our new home.  Having said that I kind of do want an electric sewing machine simply because they sew faster, LOL.  I left a serger and a Sears Kenmore vintage machine behind.  Most probably I will send for them versus purchasing new.  Pssst, between you and me, I am not crazy about the serger but it was a gift.  The threading is ridiculously tedious compared to the first serger that I purchased for myself.

Take your shoes off, set a spell. Oh, you may Email me – aprov.31woman [at] gmail [dot] com] I enjoy hearing from readers.  Don’t forget to follow Sew Lyrically Vintage via Bloglovin (see link in my right sidebar) or via email sign-up.








7 thoughts on “About Lyric

  1. Trish

    Hi Lyric, I just found your blog. Really loving looking back over thenold issues and the amazing things you’ve made with Tabitha. Full of ‘joie de vivre’. Thanks for the fun. Regards, Trish


    1. Waving enthusiastically at Trish,

      I am sew glad you found me and from way over there ta boot! I’ll pass on to Tabitha what you said also, giggles. 🙂

      Do you have a blog; I’d love to visit?




  2. Trish

    Hi Lyric. No I don’t have a blog, though I’ve been thinking about it. I’m really disorganised, so not sure I could carry it off. I do have some things on Flickr though if you’re interested. Look under T-recycler. I need to get that updated too. Maybe a Christmas holiday project? I’ve only just started sewing again, so I’ve been looking for inspiration, and you have provided that! Wish I’d got your warm weather for more cotton, less warm creations. Merry Christmas, Trish


    1. Thank you, Trish, for your kind words.

      Yes, warmer weather is nice (though you wouldn’t know it this morning, LOL, it’s a whopping in the 50’s or so today). One thing about warm weather clothing though, they are so cute. There are so many coats, jackets, wool skirts and such that may enjoy. You’ll see!




  3. nothy lane

    I love that you’ve named your sewing machines. I do that too. And non-sewists always think its odd. Too bad. I love Molly and Saphire too much to care that others think sewing machines shouldn’t have names.


    1. Sweet!! That’s good to know, Nothy Lane. This sewing sisterhood is sew way cool. I am thrilled there is an Internet that allows acquaintanceships that span the globe!!!!!!




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