New Chicks at Hip Hillbilly Acres

Hatched on Wednesday 8/3 they are three days old. I purchased 20 chicks and only one DOA. 5 Dark Brahmas, 5 Marans, 5 Dixie Rainbows, and 5 Welsummers. For now I do not know the breed of the one that did not make it.

Hubby at post office back door for my babies
Introducing chicks to brooder and water.

I put a bit of food on the floor of the brooder (read that somewhere) for them to get used to the food. I also read not to use wood chips at first so chicks don’t eat it.

Looks as if they will be going through puppy pads by the dozens. They were eating, drinking and pooping from the beginning.

Three day old chicks
Showing chick where water is.

Ten of my chicks are pullets (hens) and ten are unsexed meaning their sex was not determined before being shipped to me. It will be interesting to see which are roos and which are hens. I am looking to keep at least two roosters to handle the flock of 27 (for now). Chicken math – you know!

I’m the prettiest of this bunch. Doncha think?
I’m the lilest of the bunch and such a cutie!

Stay tuned as this chicken mama learns to take care of her new babies. Can you say “eggs come spring”! Yes!

ETA: The lil runt cutie over on the right did not make it. She/he transitioned yesterday (Sunday). We also lost another one (yellow color). So, out of 20 ordered we now have 18 left plus the eight that are brooding in a separate space.

5 thoughts on “New Chicks at Hip Hillbilly Acres

  1. Lyric,
    Your little peeps are darling! You know you are lucky that your Hubby is so involved in this newest venture. Mine didn’t want “…anything to do with them!” when I started keeping chickens 14 years ago. Now that he is retired he has a hand in most of the poultry jobs here. I think I got him hooked when I put our first baby duck in his hands. I can’t wait to see your next post!


      1. You may not like chickens, but ducks are to die for!!! ❀ We have runner ducks just for eating bugs, snails and slugs, but to me they are living, entertaining lawn ornaments. πŸ˜€


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