Chocolate Lovers Brownies

Oh yeah, so gonna make these in the new year. For now I am working the carnivore thing. Gotta bring my A1c waaay down.

Cooking Keto With Faith

These are the most decadent, rich, chocolatey, fudgy, brownies I’ve ever eaten!!
That includes non keto brownies too! They really are a Chocolate Lovers Brownie.
They basically have a built in portion control, by being so decadent and rich, you really only need 1 piece.
I like to serve mine with whipped cream, but keto ice cream would be great too!
If you prefer the CLASSIC MILK CHOCOLATE BROWNIE like from your childhood, then click on the highlighted link.

Baking is an exact science, rather than a skill, so for the best brownies, try and stay as close to the recipe as possible. Using an instant read thermometer is going to yield better results than using the time method.


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