Pattern Destashing Update and eBay

Ready to Go!

For all intents and purposes the pattern destashing is going well. Or shall I say went well. I decided to go with eBay and a Facebook group to rehome them. Yes, I actually opened up a FB account to accomplish this. Within a few days I wound up taking the patterns off FB and hopefully before end of month I will delete the account.

Now, let’s talk about the eBay experience. I have been an infrequent seller on eBay for decades. Have achieved “above average” seller rating. Uwww, my! 🙂 Regarding this destash I posted about 10 children’s patterns initially. I think maybe three or so of them sold (which is why I removed from FB which nothing moved in the short time there, I admit). I went ahead and listed starting with my Simplicity patterns. Thankfully, I did not list all the brands I had which as you know topped at about 100.

My listing strategy was one I was told when learning poker (or was it Bid Whist?). “Play to win” they said. So, I listed to sell (still, in the back of my mind hoping to recoup SOMEthing. Many of the patterns were listed $1.99, $2-$4.99. I did have two Charm Patterns by Gertie which (in my book) were very expensive. Both, uncut. The one, “Night and Day Dress” originally cost me about $30 including shipping. It comes in a box . . . uwww wee. I put that baby on eBay, and auction vs. “Buy It Now” for like $10.99. FOOLISH OF ME!! Seriously, I took a big hit on that one. I really should have priced it fairly – fair to me that is – and simply waited and not been impatient. The other Gertie pattern was a little bit less expensive but still not one of your Jo-Ann buy one get one priced patterns. I think it may have been like $18 or somewheres in that neighborhood. Of course the same seller bid on both (she’s not stupid). Wonder if she is going to turn around and resell like someone with sense or keep and make for herself. I know, not my business.

Okay, so nine patterns sold to one person including the two above that I mentioned. The rest were relisted. After getting the few children’s patterns together that initially sold, packaging them, printing shipping lists, schlepping to the post office, blah, blah, ladies I deleted all the other eBay auctions! Like I told hubby for $2-4, minus eBay fees, minus my fees for shipping supplies it WAS NOT worth my time and definitely NOT my effort. No way!

Remember I had all together about 100 patterns. At this point there were still stacks of other brand name, uncut patterns on the sofa. I boxed those babies up and told hubby to take them to the Goodwill vehicle in the parking lot of a shopping center. I guess he did. Lemme go ask him right quick. BRB. Ok, he states that he did.

Still in Ladie Lair reorganizing – check out the shelf that held all those printed patterns.

Those plastic containers were once chock full of patterns. The whole shelf side-to-side had patterns on it. Now, there is one box, on the right end with patterns that I decided to keep. Pdf patterns are on the bottom shelf. Will be interesting to see what makes the cut for them. Honestly, I do not favor pdf’s and I doubt that I will ever make any of them. I will give them one last look-over and chance to redeem themselves.

One last thing about eBay which drove me to chuck selling my patterns there. Recently they have made changes with their payment system. They no longer deal with Pay Pal they way they used to. In the past bidders paid me via PayPal. eBay used to bill sellers and we had until a certain day to pay the fees for the month. Wasn’t broke (IMHO); did not need fixin’. Okay, so NOOWWW, eBay has taken control of the money. Customer pays, then eBay gets THEIR $$ and puts the rest into seller bank account.

Here’s the problem: 1) I don’t like companies/folk IN my bank account especially a non-essential thing/service. 2) It seems to take longer for ME to be paid than when working with Pay Pal. For instance, the patterns in the box at the beginning of this post were paid for on 9/3. I am STILL waiting for the funds to hit MY account so I can pay for all involved with shipping it to the customer. Yes, I know the secular holiday. My concern is this may affect my “above standard” rating because the items were not shipped the minute the bidder paid. I hope the holiday is taken into consideration.

Having said that, reflecting on the new algorithm of eBay payments . . . as soon as the bidder gets her box and all is well I am pulling seller status from eBay. I am “stick me with a fork” done. I have not the patience nor desire to deal with it all. The low price of my product made this WHOLE thing a waste of my time and if I think about it too long I get angry at how stupid I was.

Back to the fun stuff – cleaning up the Ladie Lair. A loong way to go. That carpet needs cleaning (pssst, it needed cleaning when the property manager dropped it off). If it were MY house I would replace it, put down a hard floor, and m a y b e have an area rug in some small area; but definitely not where I sew, serge and roll the chair around getting to one area after another. 🙂

Have a real cool day, ladies! 🙂


7 thoughts on “Pattern Destashing Update and eBay

  1. Linda Rudd

    When a destashing mood hits me, I just box it up for Goodwill. It is just too much trouble to sell patterns or fabric, not worth it to my mental health and time.


    1. IKR, Linda. Ughhhh. Wish I knew beforehand. I know now. Ya think this will teach me to stop buying unnecessary patterns?

      Hmm, it should be okay because now we live so far from any shopping areas and now that I no longer work secularly I have not the funds to shop onliine. Yay! Win-win.


      1. Yes, I do blog. I am just putting my mind to selling some of my clothing patterns now. It seems that like fabric, I have purchased probably half my pattern collection on a whim and might never sew it up as my style and clothing needs have changed. I think since I sell my bag patterns on my blog it wouldn’t be too difficult to add some of my excess clothing patterns on there to destash too. I just have to sort through the pattern I have though, that’s a big job as you probably know! 😂


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