Simplicity Pattern Stack

Simplicity Stack to Go!

This project is bigger than I realized it would be. Pulled out all the Simplicity bunch. After taking this shot I grouped them by style and they are sitting on top of Hadassah (my 1890ish treadle sewing machine. From what I recall about selling on Etsy not sure if the rigamaroll is worth it for one project. Also, I think Etsy listing are for a limited amount of time versus until sold. Suppose I should check. K, I am back. Etsy is a no-go for this pattern destashing project.

Looking at this laid out perhaps I should assign a number to each pattern and retake the photo before uploading to eBay. I have seen where people will have several items in an auction versus having dozens of individual auctions. That would keep from having to list ALL my patterns separately. They should probably be grouped by price to make things less confusing for the viewer. Guess what, the second photo, top row . . . I have already pulled that vintage style swing coat to keep for myself. LOL!

Really should have taken the top left pattern out of that bag, ugghhhh! Ok, well, I am re-taking group shots with respective numbers anyway. Phew, the afternoon is flying. Think I will finish this up and take a break from pattern organizing and selling for the day. Other chores are a callin’ me!


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