Charm, Simplicity, McCalls, Oh My!

This is called A Heapa Buncha Patterns For Sale

After taking photos of my pattern stack in the Ladie Lair I figured it would be fun to spread them and and get a real good look-see. By far, the majority of them are new and uncut.

These have been stored in plastic containers with lids. Kind of out of sight and out of mind. Now that I am gathering them for re-homing I feel some kind of way. Geesh.

These do not include the children’s patterns and the few vintage ones here. The vintage ones are so old I am leary to touch them. I should show them for they are so cute. Here’s hoping they find a new home where they are useful, appreciated.

Vintage Stack 2
Vintage Stack 1

Hmm, something just crossed my mind. Ethically speaking if a pattern has never been cut do you think it should be sold for less than the original price (keeping in mind if it was purchased on sale – then that price)?

These are a small portion of what is here that needs to find a new home.

$25.00 including shipping
Accepting Pay Pal for your protection!

I recall having to have the Charm Patterns Night and Day Dress. Practically felt it was to-die-for and now here she is on the chopping block. This has to be the MOST expensive pattern I have ever purchased. Never cut. 72 dresses, can you imagine? This is one I refuse to donate; NEVER. I need to recap some funds.

Along those lines, I took Laura’s advice. I went ahead and created a FB page (ONLY TO MOVE THESE PATTERNS THEN, bye-bye). I have applied to one group so far. Wanting this project to speed along I probably need to find others. I started uploading my children’s patterns to eBay last night. If the FB pattern selling group goes as well as Laura indicated perhaps I can cancel the eBay auctions. Let’s hope.

Almost forgot, I have a crate FULL of printed pdf patterns. Should I include them for sale re-homing or repurpose the copy paper for say calligraphy practice?

Thinking of how I should catalog these during the “Rehoming Sale”. What do you think: by pattern company name, by style, by size? Remembering advice given when learning a certain card game “Play to win”; I want to price these to go. With the exception of the one or two Vogues and definitely that Charm Pattern, should I simply make them all the same price? What would you knowing ladies look for in a destashing pattern sale?


7 thoughts on “Charm, Simplicity, McCalls, Oh My!

    1. Hello,

      For better photographs –

      These are large gal sizes (in case you can not see on the photos here). I am talking size 14 and up, Miss Susie. The for real vintage ones are smaller though. Again, I can give up close photos should you desire.

      For customer protection transactions are via Pay Pal – “skirtingit”. If I may be of further assistance, please email me at

      Thank you for inquiring. 🙂


    2. The “Miss Susie” I recall was very sociable, with photographs and the style in which she responded to her online peeps. Who is this, please?

      I see the website is defunct . . . hmmmmmm???? Where are you blogging now, “Miss Susie?”


  1. Liz

    Hi Lyric,

    For pricing, have you tried looking at Etsy’s patterns? There are a lot of vintage and recent pattern sellers on Etsy. You could use their pricing as a guide, and price your patterns less than to sell them quickly wherever you post them for sale – FB, Etsy, Ebay, etc.


    1. Hi Liz,

      Yes, that’s my MO. Especially for items I want to auction.

      I am thinking though, IF some are purchased directly from me I do not need to charge as much because I am not paying a listing fee or for gas to mail them off via my post office.

      Thanks. I DO want to get them gone sooner rather than later. I have already pulled one out of the bunch, LOL. A vintage style swing coat.


  2. I don’t think you can legally re-sell pdf patterns. The file is sold to you for your own use only, so selling the printed pattern may be an infringement of copyright. I’d say reuse or recycle the paper!


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