2020 What’s Happenings

My how time flies. I won’t even go into dialogue about the events of this year. We all know and we are all sick and tired of it.

That being said, my sewing this year has been face masks. Early in the year a friend suggested I make it a business. Must have been the upteenth “business” I have attempted. Can you believe it the fee for a mask was $25. She got the orders, I made ’em; sent them to her; or directly to the customer. That lasted about three weeks before the market began to flood with $6 masks.

At that price I’d give them away. But, who can obtain fabric, thread, electricity, equipment, etc., etc., etc., and maintain a “business” at $6/mask. Need I say more? [Rolling my eyes]

The photos below are some of my personal masks. most have filters sewn inside. The ones for the project that I am sewing now are much more simple (those were the instructions I was given).

At this point responding to an email from a spiritual sister of mine I now sew masks, send them to a central point and it is my understanding they are being shared with people dealing with disasters and those in need. It is what we are known to be doing, helping our neighbors. And, I am satisfied with that.

The interesting this, get this, I was about to thin out my little stash and give my fabric away to charity. I have some fabric that I know I will not sew up. Built it up during my frenzy sewing period 2011-2018. And now here I am wanting to get rid of it. Well, before taking that step the email came through inviting me to join the other sisters in making these masks. Voila, something to do with my fabrics (the ones that qualify as in cotton).

Garment sewing is at the back of my mind these days. I have enough clothing to last me until post armageddon and I have zero interest in a garment sewing enterprise.

Due to all the woman hours I have put into this blog I can not fathom deleting it, LOL. Perhaps something in life will change and I may come up with topics to post. Meanwhile, I am an Instagram rabbit hole faller downer. Over there constantly posting something – personally and student-wise. You see, I have taken up learning copperplate calligraphy AND business penmanship this year. Current pandemic conditions make it sweet for staying inside (presumably safe) while learning something useful.

Thank you to anyone still around to read this post. Last I wrote there was one or two, bless their hearts, that fit the bill.

I wish you all safety, health, and happiness. Truly, “this too shall pass”; and I am not talking due to 2021 coming in. I mean something better and everlasting. Revelation 21:3, 4.



6 thoughts on “2020 What’s Happenings

  1. I’m still here! Glad to get an update every now and again. Over in the group I’ve started doing pattern hack sew alongs to keep everyone busy and learning while we wait out Covid. I think of you often!

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    1. Awww, how good to read you. I am humbled and grateful that you responded. Makes me want to sew again (beside making masks for my spiritual brothers and sisters). We laugh and say when we come out of quarantine we won’t be able to fit our clothing. 🙂


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