Hot Lips Circle Skirt

Though there has been a heapa buncha sewing going on in the Ladie Lair that I have neglected to share here on my blog.  For shame.  I think I have a work-a-round.  Lately I have kept a tab in my browser pointed here.  Everytime I log on I see Sew Lyrically Vintage blog’s admin pages.  Voila!  Here I am posting my next project.

Okay, so I am excited about this project.  I saw this skirt last year sometime on the Internet somewhere.  I thought it was a FB group I am in so I went there, posted the pic and asked the originator to please stand up.  No response . . . soooooo, I don’t know WHERE I saw this skirt; but one has to join the Ladie Lair.  Event:  September 21, so here we come.

One thing hasn’t changed – my photography skills.  Let me see if I can upload a better pic.

ikea hot lips

Months ago when resourcing this fabric I believe Treasure Finds is on eBay.  As of today when I checked they have one piece available.  The dealio about this fabric:

  • Ikea of Sweden (pre-cut fabric)
  • Theme:  Hot Lips
  • Cotton
  • 47 x 118″
  • Machine wash, hot; do not bleach, tumble dry, hot iron, no dry clean
IKEA Vannerna Lappar Fabric
Design: Julia Bernholtz 2011 / IKEA of Sweden
Retired / Discontinued / VHTF
IKEA Article # 102.267.63

For some reason I was under the impression this fabric was heavy like upholstery.  Well, it is not.  Seeing as I am going to cut away the lips and applique them to another fabric I am not at all disappointed.  I was very concerned about choosing a base fabric that is too light or heavy.  There is some stretch poplin that I am pretty sure I will purchase for the base of this circle skirt.

The next concern is how I will adhere the lips to the base fabric.  Recently I Googled the topic and of course there are many choices from glue-type adhesives to satin stitch appliqueing them on.  Some of the adhesives state there will be no lifting . . . . hmmmm.  The last thing I need is the edges of the lips fraying let alone lifting up from the base.  Aleene’s Fabric Fusion is purported to be a “super strong fabric glue adheres all kinds of fabrics and embellishments to other fabrics for a permanent bond that remains flexible, even after washing (yes, you can wash it!) – so your fabrics move with you, not against you.” – See more at:

Stay tuned for more Hot Lips Circle Skirt adventures when the base fabric arrives.



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