Electricity Outage Oh My!

So, you know I’m sorta, kinda, maybe working toward a small cottage industry, right?  Well there I was chugging along on my client’s skirt and flicker.  Flicker, flicker, the electricity goes off.

Thankfully I had near perfectly executed this invisible zipper 🙂 beforehand.

Thank goodness for Tabitha, my 1925ish hand crank Singer sewing machine.  I pulled her out of the closet to save the day and complete this pretty Ankara midi skirt.




7 thoughts on “Electricity Outage Oh My!

  1. Aren’t hand-cranks wonderful?
    I have a Liberty machine (made in Japan after World War II) and I use it for everything, not having any other machines. It doesn’t have a zig-zag, but I find that makes me more likely to do a really high-quality internal finish instead of just zig-zagging all the raw edges.
    I’ve never done a zip invisibly though, regardless of what machine I was using. Well done!


  2. Ingenuity and old fashioned pre-technology skills to the rescue! …and a beautiful skirt for the client.

    P.S. I like that term ‘small cottage industry’.


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