Pen Mightier Than Sword – Journaling

Chic Sparrow Creme Brulee
Crème Brulee

It is said that writing is cathartic.  Certainly it is enjoyable and so I will be taking up journaling in a travel notebook, affectionately known as a TN.  Specifically, I will be using a bullet journal format.  Lo and behold there are communities of folk who use the TN for all sorts of things like keeping lists, collecting junk (yeah junk), writing their thoughts, budget, habits, you name it.  If you have been following me you know what we have been dealing with.  Too bad I didn’t start journaling before all that happened.

Let me tell you about the anatomy of a travel notebook.  It is a piece of leather with elastic string that holds notebooks inside.  They may be made of any material; but, there is nothing like a leather journal.  Artisans that create them are as numerous as the different styles on the market.  Videos explaining how to make your own are available too.  Why even the smell of a leather TN is devine; not to mention durability.

Artemis 2

My cute TN above is being used as a wallet.  It is an Artemis Nano by Chic Sparrow that I picked up last month.  Add a wallet insert and a lined notebook and I was good to go.

Nano Artemis
Artemis Nano

I vowed to only purchase one TN.  And here the Artemis is actually my second.  Got it on sale after buying my first one which is to be used as a bullet journal.  This TN is an A6 and after it arrived I knew I would need more room to write all the things on my mind and heart.  So, this journal, called Isabeaux, is going to be a surprise, written to my daughter and granddaughter for the first six months of 2018 and then I am going to present it to them.  In my mind it will be a beautiful testament; a legacy if-you-will.  I am going to write to them about my love for them, thoughts of peace and good will for them, and anything that comes to my mind and heart.  Oh, and I made the charm on the spine.

creme brulee

But, that means I still needed a TN!  A company, The Leather Guy was mentioned at a Facebook group and I ordered pre-cut leather to make my own TN.  Yes!!!!!!  The leather is $6.95 versus $60.00 plus.  Did I say, “Yessssss?”  Get this, I ordered a piece of leather to make a size B6 TN.  When the leather arrived I just knew, again, it was too small for what I have to say.  Back to the drawing board.  I then ordered another piece of leather to make a size A5.  Let me give you some perspective:  an A6 is 4″ x 6″; the Nano is 3.75″ x 2.5″; and the A5 is 5.8″ x 8.25″.

Then, guess what . . . I saw THIS:

Crisdori Autumn TN
Crisdori Autumn Travel Journal

I done fell in love all over again.  Click the photo above to check out Crisdori Studios.  Their leatherwork is gorgeous.  I can just feel the softness of this leather through the photo.  If you like hefty leather they have those too.  She comes with stitching and extra pockets inside.  Oh my goodness I am so glad I stumbled upon Crisdori Studios while visiting Dawn at Enthusiastically, Dawn.

I have no idea what I will name this TN; but, it’s got to be something special.  For now I am thinking she will be dedicated to all things Sew Modest Styles, my cottage venture where I make garments for women and teens that want to dress like a lady.  Truly, she will be a chunky monkey.  Many journalers put all sorts of stuff inside their journals.  This one will have ephemera galore.

Autumn openLook at the color – gorgeous!  I ordered the Personal size at 9.50″ wide by 7.50″ tall.

Autumn TN Flat

Check out that reinforced spine.  And Christine, one of the owners, has choices in the elastic of brown, black or white.  You know what, thinking about the measurements, I just may make my Crisdori my EDC (that’s “every day carry” in journalese), make it a chunky junk journal so I can look at it and feel it up daily, LOL.  Then, the one I make from the pre-cut leather can be the one for my Sew Modest Styles that no one will see but me.  Yes, that sounds like a plan.

Can you tell I am excited about journaling?  If you ever thought about writing, even a little bit, check out travel journals, visit a group online about it or view a video that can motivate and get you started.  I am telling you anything goes when it comes to bullet journaling.  I can’t even paint, but I have gone and purchased water colours after visiting Ali Brown’s You Tube Channel and saw how there is no wrong way to watercolor my journal pages.  I can not WAIT to get started.

Keep me posted if you decide to jump down this rabbit hole with me.  It’ll be fun!




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