What Can I Say – Speechless!


I gotta tell you some “stuff” since  my last post.

You may or may not know that not quite a year ago we relocated from the sunshine state to southeastern Georgia.  Long story short, a friend’s husband went on to glory after 20 plus years of marriage.  This was his hometown, she sojourned with him back here after his retirement.  She did not want to live in the marital home any longer and desired to return North.  Seeking a better living space, thinking it would be our last; we contracted to purchase her home so she could vamoose.  This was all done on an owner carry contract.   Wait, I digress, one of the first questions I asked her was “Is there ANY children that would be interested in the house?”.  She stated, “No, none of them wanted to live here”.  The agreement was so amicable we just knew it was a prayer answered.  Even she thought her prayers had been answered because she desperately wanted to leave and go back North.  The weekend we visited to look at the property and talk turkey she stated another couple was to come, but they did not show up.  She said she had been sitting on the side of her bed crying wondering what she was going to do and then here we come!  Blessing on both side she says.  This was November, 2016.  I said long story short, didn’t I?

Fast forward August, 2017.  An attorney contacts us and her, representing his daughter from a previous union, with mumbo jumbo about her husband’s estate (which we were told by several people had been settled).  We attempt to find legal counsel.  No Legal Aid for probate cases.  We simply did not have an extra $3,000 – $5k.   We go, get a copy of the will which states wicked step-daughter to receive four parcels of land elsewhere, the marital residence [one sold to us] was to go to the wife, and the wife was made executrix.  There was a court date.  I could not bring myself to attend for fear my mouth would say something not cool.  The husband attended and did best he could in speaking on our behalf.  The seller nor her power of attorney showed up (they both live up north).

September, 2017 we get a notice from said attorney to vacate the premises by September 29!!!!!  Oh, yeah, er ah, we spent ALL our resources to leave Florida and relocate here.  Not as simple as “get out”.  We stay put.  True ’nuff, within two weeks the sheriff’s deputy delivers a summons or whatever it is called saying things like we are “holding over” the wicked step-daughter’s property!!!  Excuse me?  My friend, married until the death of her husband, lived in the marital house that SHE PAID FOR WORKING THREE JOBS, and now all of a sudden it is the wicked stepdaughter’s!!!!!

We answered and another court date was set for November 14.  She had attorney, we did not.   This time I went to court to take notes and I was more than a little curious as to what law/scheme these Georgia (I won’t go there as a Christian woman) __________ would come up with.  On that date we were given seven days to leave the property!  Something about “tenants in common”, my friend not having the right to sell HER property; blah, blah, blah.  Since we were in a contract agreement with the owner, paying a mortgage to her, the house (4 bedroom brick home, 28 acres) has been stolen from my friend and us as party to the purchase agreement.

Oh, and to show you what a work the wicked stepdaughter and her attorney are, the first court hearing . . . he had my friend removed as executrix of her husband’s estate and gave it to the wicked stepdaughter.

Now, you know I had just started a small cottage venture hoping to somehow support myself.  I have yet to find a job (I am only master level degreed, that’s all) and still unable to find permanent employment here.  I work PRN in the medical field and substitute teach with the county schools.  The one pays $8.00/hour the other even less. :-(.

At this point I want to leave this place and return to the north.  I am fed up.  The husband loves the country and wants to stay.  Sigh.  Besides, I now have a three year old granny that I want to hang out with, take roller skating and a heapa buncha other stuff.  Maybe even teach her how to sew.

For 20 years that my friend has lived here she said NOTHING endearing about this place which is why I never visited and would only call.  Truly, I thought she may have been exaggerating.  Well, guess what, she wasn’t.  The main city’s claim to fame is a public square in the middle of town where negroes were sold as slaves.  they are quite proud of it.  😦

The only thing I like about this area is my congregation.  They are so loving and welcoming!

The husband wants to continue this fight.  I am done . . . emotionally and mentally.  Ready to move on to other things like returning my attention to the building of my brand.  Not looking to be a mogul or the next big fashion designer.  Simply want to sew modest garments for a few females.  Enough to quit wasting my time with this $8/hr. job and definitely to quit substitute teaching and give more attention to my Bible education ministry.

And, I have a new hobby.  Gotta tell you about that!





10 thoughts on “What Can I Say – Speechless!

  1. I dont know what to say. My parents separated years ago and myself and my sister lived choose to stay with my dad (we were 17 and 18) and my other 3 younger sisters went with my mother. My mother never forgave us and over the years stopped speaking to us to the point of just plain nastiness (there was a court case). I can never explain the bitterness and rancour that some people hold onto – I can only hope some good comes out of this. my thoughts are with you


    1. Thank you, upsew. You have prompted me to write a, um, what can i call it sequel, LOL. No, update. Give me a week or so. I’m at a sub job now and class will be coming in soon. I’ll put in my to-do to write this.




  2. Wow !!!! I was thinking about you about a week ago. Greed is a wicked device that harms the innocent. Do you think your friend knew what was coming from this wicked daughter–which is why she was so quick to run? Seems like she would have supported you and your husband in this. After all, the land and the house was left to her. If you had been paying her all this time and the property was still in her name, surely she knew what was going on. Well, fret not. Things have a way of working out even when it doesn’t seem right. I’ve been going through a similar issue with my home. It’s been straightened out by the court — thank God!

    I understand about delays in getting your brand off the ground. I’ve been struggling with that too. Seems like we have the same sister spirit in this area. Can’t find a job, I know I could make more money marketing my brand–so many obstacles–let’s keep pressing on!!!.

    If you are back in my area, inbox me on Facebook @ Robin Michael-Rush.

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    1. Heeeey my blogging/creative sister!!!! I am stealing a moment from work (sub teaching) and saw this. Going to re-address it on personal time. Was so encouraging to hear from you! You know, when I respond here I wonder if you all see??!!! Hmmmm.

      TTYL, hugs,


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    1. Awww Ms. Kathleen:

      Thank you for caring. As always, Jehovah God’s got this. I just needed to tell yaw’ll what was up. We are in a small, suitable mobile home. Really, I am not missing on anything for this rental unit has three bedrooms and two baths. The reason I am excited about that is . . . I still have a sewing room. YAY! Now, I need to come up with a name for her. I will not give her the name of the one in the “place that we never lived”, ha ha ha ha.


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