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It has been a while I know, ladies.  SkirtingIt! has me sewing at a whirlwind pace.  I have not been idle.  Much time is being spent getting the word out and putting my product “out there”.  Publishing photographs of my garments on social media, blah, blah, blah.

I was of the opinion that when I could afford to get my dot com up and running (I do own the URL; however, hosting is another matter) that I would discontinue using FB as a medium to advertise.  Well, recently an advertising director told me I need Facebook in addition to my webpage.  Rolling my eyes for I truly am spending entirely too much time on social media.  Initially I only joined Facebook to keep up with my family in other states.  To date I have two customers.  Okaaaay, I did meet one on social media.

Anyway, I thought I would bring you all up to snuff with what is going on in the Lady Lair and what I have been sewing in the name of SkirtingIt!.

White Rita
Rita Blouse

This top is one of the two patterns offered by the new indie pattern company Charm Patterns by Gertie.  It is a peasant style top with a fitted waistline.  And, here’s the cool thing . . . it comes with several cup sizes.  Yessss!!!   All patterns should have a variety of cup sizes, that needs to be standard.   I’m jus’ sayin’!!!  Right now there is a sew-a-long going on with this pattern.  I have clocked three of these babies over only a few days and in between other projects.  That’s how easy peasey it is to make.  Check it out on Facebook and Gertie’s blog.

Trumpet Skirt

I can not believe what a hit this outfit was last weekend.  It was also easy peasey to make.  Well, then again, the skirt was ill-fitted but, giggles, no one knows because it’s under the peplum.  I swear peplums are my new best girlfriend for they cover a multitude, did I say a multitude of sins.  The reason the skirt was so hit is because I semi-drafted a pattern.  Ladies, I don’t know what I’m doing when it comes to that sort of thing.  I use patterns.  Doggoneit, why reinvent the wheel if there is a pattern.   I needed this outfit when I needed it though and a nice cyber gal/friend helped me with how to do it.  The wait is humungous though.  The thing is I have this “stuff” below my waist but above my hip.  Have you ever heard of that baby pouch or whatever it is called?  Well, mine is humungous, ginormous.  I need lipo, sumptin’!!!  Anywho, this skirt is kinds slim at the top for lack of a better explanation.  So, anyway, the waist is too big but its hidden, snickles.  I have since purchased a trumpet skirt pattern and that won’t be the case next time.

Black Challis Rita

Okay, this Rita Blouse was featured in an earlier post but I believe it bears repeating.  This is my first Rita Blouse with a fabric I have had for months awaiting Charm Patterns launch.  It is made with rayon challis and is seriously comfy.  I see maaaaany a Rita blouse coming from the Lady Lair.

Absolutely I feel in love with this Ankara print.  So far everyone that has seen it has also.  My first customer ordered a Maxelle midi skirt in this print also.  I think it goes well with my black and white hair.  Definitely many more of these coming up perhaps with a larger sash like MimiG.

That ought to hold you for a while.  I just didn’t want you to forget about lil ole me.  At this point I am thinking along the lines of separating my personal blog from the professional website when I get hosted and up.  That will mean more time publishing than sewing so time management really needs to be implemented.  I have not abandoned my love of vintage style for daily wear but I have a conundrum in that I also need to wear what I offer.  Either way I shall be stylish, yes?




10 thoughts on “Life Update

    1. Great. I hope you let me know who you are. I am revamping a bit. Thinking of changing my sewing paid-hobby to “Sew Modest Styles”. Also, need to woman up, stick to policies (set ’em for that matter), and keep moving forward.


  1. great work you are doing! as a by-the-way, you could set up a skirtingit blog and direct your .com name to the blog – I know I wanted to try a website in time but not sure of what to do with it so I just paid for the .ie name and used it with blog so I dont have the other bill to pay. I will go for hosting in time but only when I have the time to devote to it

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    1. Okay, let me make sure I am getting what you’re saying, Upsew. I will re-read it. One thing I do know, I don’t want a blog as in blogging format; i.e., dates, etc. I want a website, advertising what I do/offer, sans dates and posts (which I would feel obligated to respond to each and every one. We know that’s a set-up to fail).

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      1. You can make up a blog to look a bit more like a web page if you try a few formats. as you could just set up a series of pages on a pull down menu and not do blog posts at all. I paid web company for the domain name but did not pay for hosting service. In the admin panel of the web company, I chose web hosting and input my wordpress address. this means when someone types, the address bar moves to a blog. It was a useful tool for me as I like having ‘the name’ but cannot justify paying money to host a web site and design one as I am not making money from it etc. The advantage as I see it, is that if I ever go to make a web site, I have a certain amount of history with the name built up! best of luck.


  2. Trish

    I love all your new sewing. The pattern by Gertie looks really well fitting. Pity we hardly ever get weather warm enough here! I’ve said I love the wax print outfit – but I’ll say it again for good measure (whatever the waist problems). The other top is the same Gertie pattern? Looks good. I love the fabric on the swishy skirt. Lots of swish going on there. Thanks for bringing us up to date, and good luck with your new venture.

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