Singer Model 347

Singer 347

Another girl has been added to the family; Singer Model 347. Upon first glance the name was Charlie. He was found in a local thrift shop. Well, to my surprise, Charlie is a girl and so her name is “Charliezl”.

She was a particularly good find because I had just purchased a way cute brown and pink Brother on eBay that is not working to my satisfaction. The stitch length does not adjust properly and I do not have the wherewithall to sojourn over an hour away to a sewing machine repair shop. When I stumbled upon Charliezl, tested her in the store, and saw that the stitch length is in working order I just had to have her at the $19.00 price tag! Not to mention she is a jolly mint green ta boot.

Cleaned Up Cover

She boasts being made of metal, 110-120 Volts, .95 amps, and was made in Great Britain. She joined us not too much more than a month ago and she has helped make at least four outfits. She runs a bit hard; however, I plan on getting a manual and seeing what I can do by way of oiling her among other things. A professional tune-up is to be had to as soon as I am able.

Tabitha, Dorcas, and a yet unnamed serger, as well as myself happily welcome Charliezl to the Bubble Bunch at Lyric’s Lady Lair.




6 thoughts on “Singer Model 347

  1. Mickey

    Congrats on your new sewing machine! That was a great buy. I am still looking for a hand crank sewing machine. Some people think they are gold and want $275 and up. Not in my price range.

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