Wendy By Design, Fabric Storage: A Shout Out

wendy by design

There is nothing like a way cool stumble-upon. Always in search of decorating and organizing tips the other day I found Wendy By Design who has a very good, practical fabric storage tutorial on YT.

I enjoyed learning from her so much that I clicked on her Facebook page and blog.  I am hoping to take my pattern stash from . . . this



to something like what Wendy has done.  As a matter of fact I have a slew of boxes being mailed to me right now.  Seriously, that pic is when we first moved in and we were still unpacking.

My stash is nowhere near that of most sewists that I see online, but what little I have I do want to look decent and pretty.




Now, yaw’ll know I am all about vintage.  As it turns out, Wendy designs “Sexy Vintage, one of a kind, hand made, fully functional APRONS”.  Now I ain’t never been into aprons, vintage or otherwise.  But humph, take a look at Wendy’s.  Too bad I do not have her permission to post one here.  Seriously, go check them out for yourself or your girl.




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