New Sewing Haven


2017 is rolling in swell. With our new home in the country your Lyric now has a new sewing haven!  I am sew excited I could 💃dance.

It just occurred to me that I should have taken photographs of this room before placing items inside. Oh well, it is a hot mess now!  Besides, the flavor of Sew Lyrically Vintage blog is about keeping it 100, being real, not pretentious.  Sew, here we go.


Let me tell you what I am working with.  The room was originally to be the master bedroom according to the previous owner who spoke to the people that had the house built.  Shhh, we won’t tell her she is a bedroom.  The area measures 11′ × 17′ via the walk-off  method.  I had the nerve to think, only for a second, that this space was not enough for my needs.  Oh, but I put myself in check with the quickness and corrected that erroneous thinking.


There is a seafoam green carpeting that I am sure needs replacing.  Was beautiful in its day. Limited budget here so deep cleaning will have to do until we are able to do better.


See the dirty well-walked area there in front of the craft table?  That is where her dresser was placed.  Which reminds me of a point I should explain.  We obtained our home from a long time friend of mine and moved in before she moved out for a couple of reasons.  One being she recently lost her husband, was not sleeping well.  She did not like being alone here.

Carpet cleaning was supposed to have been completed before we arrived.  We also helped her pack.  Our things were and some still are, on the car port!!!! There simply was not room for 20 years of her things and our things inside the dwelling.

The room comes with two closets.  The one below is a narrow walk-in closet.  It was probably originally going to be a bath since this was to be a master bedroom.    2017-01-02-05-30-53

It has been designated as my wardrobe closet.  Yes, that makes sense about a master bath idea because there is a hollow core door present whereas the other closet has a  double shutter style closure.


The closet above will house all the sewing supplies that I do not want to be seen.   Don’t you just love the photos of sewing spaces where everything is prissy, new and magazine perfect? Okay Lyric, stop being catty.

See the corner there to the right of the window?  A comforter and my grandson’s Tigger are currently stashed there.  I am picturing a cozy seated area for Bible reading and meditation.


To the left of the window is an antique desk.  That will be my personal study area where I prepare for my ministry, think about/sketch out sewing and home decorating projects.

For now these lacy curtains are staying for privacy until I decide upon window treatments.

Feeling blessed and very excited to have this space. Stay tuned with me as it develops into something usable.  Truly, it is a process.




16 thoughts on “New Sewing Haven

  1. Beautiful! Your sewing machine table is particularly lovely. I have a beautiful old hand-crank machine, but alas, it didn’t come with a table, so it sits on my desk where I can see it every day, even if I’m not using it.


    1. If you are talking about the treadle I can’t wait to refinish it or whatever you call it. I let lye water from making a batch of soap get on the wood (shame on me).

      Gotta check out your site, sugar.



      Liked by 1 person

  2. Trish

    Happy New Year Lyric. I love to see your sewing room. I know it will be a haven for you, and much interesting sewing will be done there. My room isn’t perfect either, but it is mine – mostly – and that’s enough.


    1. Aaaamen, Trish. I keep looking at mine and comparing it in my head with those I see online. You know those perfect one’s the skinny women probably own, LOL. As you stated our rooms are ours!



      P.S. And, happy 2017 to you too, Babe!


  3. Congratulations on your new home and sewing space. Must be about that time! Due to a new grandson and an adult DD moving in, I, too, relocated my sewing ‘studio’ (sounds fancy, doesn’t it?) to my lower level family room 14 x 20 ft. I’m still shelving fabric and figuring things out but I am sew excited.


    1. Ya hooooo, Robbie. You go girl. I am too excited for you. What’s the granny to be named? I have got to stop over at your blog to see what’s new. We are not able to afford WIFI yet, so I am at the local library (which closes in about 30 minutes).

      I got hired at a J O B today. After all the paperwork flows through (it’s with the state) perhaps I may be able to afford wifi.

      And yeah honey, it is YOUR “studio”! Uh huh. Have you thought about a name? I was going to host a give-a-way to the one who came up with the coolest name for my area. I stole the name “She Shack” saw it online one day and always wanted a different, unique name. Well, my daughter gave me one. Stay tuned for it’s unveiling.

      Loving Cheers To You,



    1. Snickles and giggles. It absolutely warms my heart when people first of all stop by but then actually comment. In a busy world I could it a double blessing that you chose to give a bit of your time to my portion of the blogosphere.

      Cheers to you, Ms. B. Brewer.




  4. Okay sister gurl…I am loving your new sewing room. My son moved out and I am beginning to move some of my sewing stuff to his room…I am just all over the place in my apartment. I should send you a picture of my dilemma.


    1. Yes, you most def should sister-girl. I need ideas anyway. It’s funny I waited and waited for my own space and now mine is so blaahhhh, LOL.

      I find myself drooling over other ladies’ sewing spaces. I have everything against the wall and that looks stupid-weird. But I can’t put things in the middle of the floor.


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