Vogue 8997

V8997 Lyric

It feels like it has been forever since I’ve posted.  Vogue 8997 deserves some space on my blog though.  Then again, since I started working I am not sewing nearly as much as before.  Lately I have been thinking that is a good thing because I was cranking out “stuff” when what I really need and want is quality garments that are timeless.  I have a plan to address that going forth.

Meanwhile, I finally completed Vogue 8997.  The fabric was a thrift store find.  Something like six yards of fabric for a steal (that means less than $5.00).  It sat for a while until I was extended an invitation to a surprise retirement event last summer.   Get this, I was in Jo-Ann Fabrics purchasing lining fabric when I got a call.  The young lady giving the event for her dad (the husband of the woman that studied the Bible with me when I was young) had expired!!!  I was stunned.  Needless to say, that project lie unfinished for some time . . . months.


The dress is fully lined.  I opted for a solid purple cotton.  The dress is kinda heavy, LOL.  I absolutely love the pockets.  In keeping with upping my sewing skills I did a toile of the bodice.  For one thing I noticed the midriff of this frock fits the model sweetly!  I had to achieve the same thing.  Second, I needed to make sure the girls were well covered.  Now see, this is how I know I need to do way better with my sewing.  The toile showed the bust area to lie in a decent spot.  Lo and behold when I put on the dress to wear it the other day . . . NOT!

Now get this, I had made up a modesty panel.  But forgot I had it and wound up wearing one of those things that wraps around your brassiere strap to cover up my cleavage area.

V8997 Midriff
Cleavage and midriff detail

It seemed too that I was constantly pulling at the shoulder straps.  The straps are designed to fit closer to the shoulder than the neck.  Not sure if I did it wrong or am simply not used to such distance between shoulder straps.  I love that style.

Check out the midriff.  Doesn’t it seem a bit “bunchy”?  I don’t recall it staying that way for what it’s worth.  I do think the next time I don this frock I might wear a waist cincher.  Oh, and better supporting bras are definitely in order.  That’s another blog post another time.

Overall, the dress was comfy, I like it and will undoubtedly wear again in the spring.  It did get comps which is kind of cool.  Still, it is always good to blog about a project for pros like you to see and get constructive feedback.  One can’t grow with only accolades, right?




9 thoughts on “Vogue 8997

  1. Beautiful! Everything is better with pockets!
    I have the same problem with shoulder straps, but in my case it’s due to having slightly narrow shoulders. If the straps want to sit too far from my neck, they just slide off…


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