Vogue McCall’s Pattern Bust

Pattern Sale

Am I the only one who tells self I am buying no more patterns?  Yeah, right!  Took advantage of the monthly pattern sale at Jo-Ann Fabrics today.  Apparently I already own most of the vintage style patterns (that appeal to me) that the big four have to offer.  These will do until they come up with more, LOL.

An executive decision was made today:  I need to list the holes in my wardrobe and make an effort to fill the gaps.  Off the top of my head that will be solid tops and solid skirts.  I possess so many printed tops and skirts that don’t match each other.  Truly, I must replace the Wal-mart tee shirts I have been amassing for $1.99 and $3.98 in myriad of colours and replace them with vintage style, classier, women’s tops.  This pattern stash will get me started.

Happy June, yaw’ll.  Can you believe it, soon this year will be half over!




5 thoughts on “Vogue McCall’s Pattern Bust

  1. No you certainly aren’t the only one guilty of saying you won’t buy more patterns. I say it all the time. I just bought a few vintage Lutterloh pattern systems as well as renewing my subscription to Burda magazine. And I plan to join Sihouette Patterns Pattern-of-the-month club and soon I will have to drive done to Niagara Falls so I can buy SImplicity in the US because they don’t sell them in Canada anymore….where was I? Oh yeah, I won’t be buying any more patterns….


  2. Treecycler@yahoo.co.uk

    Good luck with that! At least you have amazing pattern sales in the US. Our pattern sales are just half price and still I buy too many 😄 The tops look lovely and the replacement idea, extremely do-able.


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