Bentonite Clay

Bentonite Clay

Are you all hipped to bentonite clay for hair and skin health?  Apparently it is good for “cleansing, clarifying, moisturizing and conditioning hair” accord to my daughter, Brookie, and the worldwide web. There is myriad of information about the benefits of bentonite clay on the Internet so I won’t reinvent the wheel. I have included some links here for you.

Bentonite Clay How-ToBentonite Clay How-To

The mixtress in me just had to try this out yesterday.  The bestie was selected to be the guinea pig, LOL.  Here is the recipe we used: Bentonite Clay Mask.

This is how the first batch turned out.

lyrics bentonite clay
Clay, coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, water

It seemed kind of watery to me.  I’ve got a video on my cell showing the consistency; however, I can not seem to upload the mp4 here, sigh.  Well, here is my hair all clayed up.  For the second batch that I put into my hair I added 1 tablespoon less water and a skosh more bentonite clay for a thicker mixture.  I made a hot mess of it on the floor while applying it to Bestie’s hair.

Bentonite Clay Hair MaskBentonite Clay Hair Mask

I let the mixture “do what it do” for 30 – 45 minutes under a plastic hair bag allowing my body heat to help out.  Since we heard it is excellent for the face, why not?  Do I not look like a being from Star Trek or what?

bentonite clay facial mask

Here are my locks after the initial treatment.  I did not get a photograph of bestie’s locks after she removed the clay.  Lo siento!


Our bottom line:

As my hair is always soft after co-washing I did not notice a big difference in that department.  The whole thing about detoxing and addressing hair loss peaks my interest and as this is a natural product I know it is not harmful to my hair and skin.

One of the accolades of bentonite clay for hair is that it aids in situations of hair loss.  I am thinning on the top no doubt due to menopause.  That being said I am curious to see if using this regime will effect change and possibly reverse the thinning that I am experiencing in the top, center of my head.

Bestie says it “closed her facial pores tremendously.”  However, she did not state noticing a difference relative to her hair.  I did not notice a difference relative to my face.  Oh, let me state my daughter said it would helps with the dark circles around the eyes.  That definitely caught my attention.

We will continue with the bentonite clay hair and facial treatments and see where it takes us.




One thought on “Bentonite Clay

  1. Oh, thank you for sharing this…I’ll have to share this with my mom, too…she’s been having hair loss from some medicine. Worth a try! I make soap every so often and I see bentonite clay called for and recently bought some but haven’t used it yet…now you’ve got me wanting to dive in! You two look like you had a fun and relaxing time!


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