A Biggest Loser

the biggest loser

Okay, ladies (and any really cool gents who may be readers of Sew Lyrically Vintage), they say confession does something for the soul, whatever.  My job has a “Biggest Loser” contest going on and I decided to play along.  I asked a fella to take  these this morning just after the weigh-in.

Lyric Big Skirt 4-21

Weigh-ins are every Thursday until May 26th.  The grand prize $500.00 (mamma needs a car to get to the ministry and work).   I am not even scheduled to work today but I got my butt up at 0600 and prepared to drive to the weigh-in.  This is the third weigh-in.  Last week I went up 1/2 lb.  Hey, check it, my husband treated me to an impromptu luncheon and my congregation took us Pioneers (full time ministers) to a luncheon.  The increased weight was worth it, don’t you think?

Lyric 4-21

Try for the life of me I can’t find the post when I blogged about making this skirt.  I could have sworn there was one.    I was away from my Tabitha and thus made the skirt by hand while visiting family either last year or the year before.  I tell ya, time is going so fast.  A small person could fit in there.  YAY!!!

I have decided whether I win the $500 or not I will be “a biggest loser” for ME.  In March my friend encouraged me to join a local gym with her.  We even hired Matt, the personal trainer.  When I first when to the gym I was at least 189 lbs.  In a month’s time I had gone down to under 185.  I love it and I do not want to go back to the 190s.

Now, hitting the 170s seems to be a reach.  But I AM GOING TO DO IT!  Lifting weights, behavior modification, next to no McDonald’s (I have enjoyed the snack wrap, no ranch sauce, and the small parfait).  This from a McDonald’s-a-holic.  I used to eat there daily and I am proud of myself so far for exercising restraint.  Basically instead of eating sweets with wild abandon, I am watching what I decide to put into my mouth.  I ask myself often, “Is it worth it?”  When I think of the money I spend to workout at Anytime Fitness and the fact that I am only part-time; i.e., not much money, I refuse to waste all that I am doing for a stupid pastry.

I am working toward viewing my “choices” not as deprivation, but sensical (is that a word) choices for healthier living.  I was almost 200 lbs., with body fat of over 45%, pre-diabetic and hypertensive ; i.e., a disaster in the making.  When I last visited my doctor my LDL had dropped 24 points (that is the bad one, right)?  My hope is that my next visit in August will remove me from the one medication I am taking.  At the very least go from the current 10mg down to 5 mg.

Apparently I should be drinking a gallon of water a day.


Still working to get to that.  It’s not that I do not enjoy water, it’s more of remembering to drink the stuff.  At work, I’m busy.  While in the ministry, I’m busy ministering, LOL.  I’ll reach it though.  By “choice”.  Hey, perhaps I should do this!

water bomb drink water

Stay with me on this successful journey to health, reduced weight, and Sew Lyrically granny styled cuteness to the max!

Yours in good health and happiness by “choice”,



18 thoughts on “A Biggest Loser

  1. Be careful with the water thing, you CAN actually drink too much and get quite sick. Remember that you get about 20% of your water just through food, a gallon is a little much for most people anyway. Drink when you’re thirsty, or think you’re hungry because sometimes you’re just thirsty. My roommate is constantly battling hypnotraemia, which is a direct cause of drinking too much water. He MUST supplement with juices otherwise he flushes too much salt from his body and becomes lethargic and dizzy. One time he drank so much he ended up on the kitchen floor because his inner ear was affected.
    We want to see you healthy and happy! Keep up the good work 🙂


  2. Great with your Biggest Loser efforts–I’m all for good health. Joined Weight Watchers recently and it’s been exciting seeing those numbers go down. I’m drinking lots of water and no calorie beverages too. Everyone has a different opinion on how much. I try to drink at least 3 quarts of liquids but my goal is 4 quarts. Mayo Clinic says judge by the color of your urine (pale yellow) to know if you are getting enough. That’s the color I get when I drink at least 3 quarts or more.


  3. Sarah Granados

    Good for you for setting these healthy goals! You have the knowledge that you are doing it for someone that really appreciates your efforts for Him (and your hubby too). Remember Psalms 115:17! Staying healthy helps you pioneer!


  4. Brewer Barbara

    I want to thank you for posting about going to the gym and doing workouts. I got out of the habit for the last five years, kept meaning to start back up, always had a reason not to.
    Your blog inspired me to”Just Do It”. THANK YOU!


  5. lifeaworkinprogress.com

    So happy to find a fellow JW on a sewing blog! I hope you get the ministry car, and if not as you say all your efforts will be worthwhile as you are in a win win situation. Much love Maureen [England]


      1. lifeaworkinprogress.com

        Certainly will. I watch your diminishing weight with interest and just know you will feel so much better and energised, but don’t do it too quickly! I found you via Rhonda Buss and her site which is brilliant and she is so generous isn’t she, and I was glad to see that she loved your site. Keep sewing! Agape M.


      2. Yessss, Ms. Rhonda is the business. I made one of the skirt patterns she so generously shared via her site. And the trench coat sew-a-long; WOWSERS! I love that coat. LOL, it doesn’t seem as if I could possibly do it “too quickly”. I keep reminding myself it took years to get on and the trainer at our gym says it’ll take at least a year to get to my goal weight (150 lbs. from 198). So, I take it slow and go, go, go, to the gym!

        Thank you for the encouragement and more importantly for stepping up and letting me the positive force in the universe that is you. We MUST keep in touch as we watch this system of things fade away forever.




  6. Nadine Lindstrom

    Hi Lyric,

    Please watch the water consumption. Mayo Clinic suggests about 2.2 litres per day, which is only about half a gallon.

    (Since too much water can kill you, it is important to know when and how much to drink. After a lot of research, scientists have discovered that the best indicator that you may be dehydrated is if you are thirsty.)

    I enjoy your blog – thanks so much for providing and interesting read!



    1. Thank you, Miss Nadine. Pssst, between you and me, I haven’t reached a gallon a day anyway. In this semi-tropical, 95 degrees in the shade area that I live, hopefully I am getting enough H2O. Especially with being outdoors in the ministry many days of the week.


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