Simplicity 1421

Simplicity 1421

Though vintage styling tickles my fancy, colourful clothing a la Africa, India, Japan, Pakistan, Thailand, Morocco and Middle Eastern are equally uplifting in my book.  Therefore when I saw That Black Chic’s version of Simplicity 1421 I experienced multiple eyegasms.  I can NOT get that jacket out of my mind.  Not to mention, check out the model . . . . her beautiful daughter.

I told Ms. Michelle (That Black Chic blog author) that I would not have purchased this pattern simply by looking at the envelope.  She truly made this jacket come alive with her sassy style and keen eye for colour and design.

Now with my own pattern in hand fabric purchase is my next step.  Oh, and just like Michelle paid it forward here is a link to beautiful textiles Michael Levine Fabrics.  I do hope to purchase my own fabric this week.  I want this jacket to be fitted so I am thinking a toile is a must.  Uwww, I am giddy, check out that double faced binding.  Mm mmm mmmm!

Please, stay tuned for the Lyrically styled version of this baby.  Me thinks a chic straight skirt will finish off the look to boot!




5 thoughts on “Simplicity 1421

  1. Oh I can’t wait to see what you do for that pattern! You’ll rock it, I’m sure. It’s always so exciting to follow through with awesome ideas and inspiration, isn’t it?!


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