Cora Running Tights

Cora Pants

Recently while at a local sporting goods store a pair of workout pants caught my eye. I meandered over, fingered the fabric, and then the price tag came into view. EXCUSE ME!!!!!! The pants were the standard grey, they may have had another colour, frankly I don’t remember. But, I DO remember the price tag. Humor me, what do you think the things cost? Go ahead, spew out a number. I’ll hum the Jeopardy tune while you think about it. . . . . Okay, do you give? The stinkin’ things were $60.00!!!!!

Blue Cora Running Tights

Look, when I’m working out, especially pushing those heavy weights there is no telling what manner of air that may escape from this old body. There ain’t no way I am going to pay that kind of money for exercise pants to sweat in, fart in, maybe even a leak of, ahem, water while I am working out. Seriously, folks! I am SEW glad my mamma and auntie taught me how to sew. In comes Jalie 3462 Cora Running Tights and Shorts.

cora running tights

Ya gotta love the Internet. A lady in one of the sewing discussion groups I am in posted about this little gem. I had to have her and now I do. Yay! Immediately I commenced to acquiring fabric to whip up a few. Humph, I was also inspired to take out the serger that one of my Christian sisters GAVE me. Yup, did you read me? She GAVE it to me, but since we live off the grid I have been unable to use it. I took that baby over another friend’s house and I am now in the process of getting acclimated to it. Hmm, I’ve go to give her a name. Ater all my hand crank Tabitha and treadle Hadassah each have a name.

Black and white knit
Thanks to Fashion Fabrics Club and I now have six funky, fun fabrics ready to go for my very own workout pants.  I am sew excited to be making these.  They are one of those garments that I just never considered sewing for myself.
Paisley knit

I love, love swirly, colourful, graphic designs and styles.  Not to mention if I’m gonna make ’em why go for the plain and mundane!  The photo swatch above does not do this fabric justice (I simply have GOT to get a digi cam and quit using this cell phone).  Hopefully the finished product will be photographed better.

Four other fabrics were purchased but I did not have a chance to photograph them so stay tuned for my Lyrically styled version of the Cora workout pant.




4 thoughts on “Cora Running Tights

  1. Have fun sewing and wearing them. I’ve made a few pair. Some things I just buy if it’s cheaper and less time consuming — BUT — in the back of my mind I always say ‘you know, you could have made this’. I’m leaning toward making nearly everything I wear.


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