Pink Gingham McCalls 6696

Pink Gingham from Australia12/2015

My sewing bud, Natasha, sent this fabric from Australia.  To some gingham may be gingham, but this is my oh so cool Australian, from Natasha gingham.  Sew whenever I wear this frock I will remember her and love my Aussie frock.

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This is destined to be a McCall’s 6696 shirtwaist with short sleeves.  My first time using this pattern I opted for the sleeveless view.  This version will have the short sleeve.  Perhaps I’ll have enough fabric to squeeze out a belt.  Or, of course, I may use the white one purchased to go with my first McCalls 6696.

McCalls 6696-Recline

Since the dress will be all gingham perhaps I can mix things up a bit by cutting the bodice yoke, collar, and waistband on the bias.  That is if I have enough fabric.


As it turns out, I was able to cut the button placket (or whatever you call the piece that the buttons and holes will be installed) and waistband and the bias.

Stay tuned for the finished piece!




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