1950s Shirt Dress Reveal

1950s Shirtwaist

Remember the 1950s Shirt Dress Sewing Circle?  Finally, I have completed the project.  I feel good as the deadline is the end of the month and it’s only the 17th.

1950s Shirtwaist Pink Belt

Thanks to those that hung in with me while completing this project.  🙂  Truly these photos do not do the colours justice.  The pink is oh so pretty.  The hubby took the Projeblogging this year, LOL.   These were taken with a Galaxy cell phone.

Tan Plaid 50s Shirtwaist

Project wrap-up:

This dress was not difficult at all to complete.  Actually, it was quite fun to put together.  She is quite comfy to wear too.  Get this, I made this frock too large.  There is about 2 – 3 inches that could have been taken in at the waist.  Thankful for the belt and full skirt which I think hides the extra fabric.  When I put the dress on Sunday morning, low and behold, the chest area was too low (too big there too) so I donned a black camisole.  You can see it peeping in the photograph.  I’ll probably purchase a hot pink one to go with the dress.  I cut and sewed the largest size on the pattern envelope in conjunction with my measurements.  Clearly, that wasn’t right.  I am learning pattern fitting and am no discouraged by this dress being too large.  We’ll simply call it a wearable muslin.

I made two ribbon belts, one pink as above and one taupe.  The pink one fits my waist exactly.  For real I thought it was going to pop apart, but it hasn’t yet.  The pink one I made a tad looser.

I would have loved to incorporate the hot pink piping that I purchased.  But hey, perhaps another garment, another time.  I love piping so I am sure it will be used.  The only reason I may not make this again is because of all the other wonderfully cute patterns that are begging to be lyrically styled.



21 thoughts on “1950s Shirt Dress Reveal

    1. Hello Ms. Dixie,

      Thank you for the critique. I even had a cotton lycra cami underneath (giggles). Yes, pattern fitting is my current “thing” I am also working on. I have Joy’s book which should help (er ah, of course I must incorporate her principles which I did not for this project, duh).




  1. Trish

    It’s a lovely shirtwaister Lyric. How nice to find it’s a bit big (how irritating too!). Though you don’t notice the extra at the waist at all. The fabric is spot on and the pop of pink at the waist makes it. It does look very 1950s, particularly the collar which looks quite designer? Chanel? I know I’ve seen a similar one in old fashion photos of the time. Happy Sewing, Trish


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