Pantone Spring 2016

Pantone Spring 2016

How could I have forgotten about the new Pantone Spring 2016 almighty chosen colours?  Apparently 10 colours have been chosen for Spring 2016 but I keep reading about two:  Rose Quartz and Serenity.  Goulet Pens’ depiction of the colours make them seem palatable.

How did Pantone become the end-all be-all of the hues we choose to don ourselves, the walls we decide to look at from day-to-day, the colours  that we choose to accessorize our homes and work spaces?  Ah, what they hey!   If it weren’t them it would be some other entity, person, or group, right?  So, let’s discuss the chosen it colours.

Apparently it seems there are more than two.  To be exact, their website says 10 made the cut.  Yes, their “unisex palette” runs the gamut from peach echo, buttercup, snorkel blue, limpet shell, lilac gray (doesn’t that sound like an oxymoron), fiesta, iced coffee, and green flash.  I stopped counting at this point.  What fun it must be to be the official namer of important stuff.

Pantone Cotton Candy

Since I’m Janie Come Lately I assume you dolls and guys have had over two weeks to think this thing through, LOL.  Do the colours tickle your fancy?  If so, which ways will you incorporate them in your life?

It’s kinda cool that in this semi-tropical climate these colours may be worn year round.  They remind me of sherbet for some reason – the rainbow sherbet to be exact.

I have got to share an excerpt from Carl MN:

This is all really quite silly. Why should some ‘forces’ in the fashion, art and business world decide on and dictate the color and fashion pallets the rest of us get to choose from and live with – for a while, until the next choice is made for us? These arbitrarily dictated pallets are accompanied by all sorts of reasons and explanations couched in exotic and convoluted verbiage, and justified according to philosophical, psychological and etherial underpinnings that are just as arbitrary as the color choices themselves.

It’s not like new colors are being invented or created, or even new color combinations. They all already exist somewhere in Nature. There is nothing new under the Sun. All that we can try to do is rearrange and recombine what already exists such that it seems different from what we have grown accustomed to because of what we have previously been doing out of habit.

Of course there was backlash.  What he says, and what they said all have merit.  I provided a link to Pantone at the top of the post should you care to see what everybody said.

Meanwhile, colour is downright fun.  Check out this rose quartz, serenity eye candy. Oh, and through all the Pantone seasonal changes, my faves still include reds, black, jewel tones (green, blue), turquoise, crem/ivory tones.  Geesh, the creator has been so gracious in these matters it is difficult to pick just one.





One thought on “Pantone Spring 2016

  1. Love this post…you’re right on lady! I see only pastel pink and blue, nothing fancy, and such a big deal gets made over it. I really don’t follow what Pantone says, if anything I only use it as an inspiration to try a different color not yet in my wardrobe…but that’s it. And yes, color is fun!


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