Simplicity 1950s Shirt Dress Sewing Circle

simplicity 1459

I just can’t resist a friendly sew-a-long especially those with gals from across the globe.  The Simplicity 1459 Sew-A-Long fits the bill.  Why I even purchased this plaid to make a shirtwaist frock. I love the colours in this swatch but truly can not imagine it made up.  It seems that’s not one of my talents; the ability to envision a project after completion.


About this fabric:  Tan, Hot Pink, Apricot, White & Black Windowpane Plaid Dress Weight Stretch Chambray Fabric Suitable for Dresses- 98% Cotton 2 % Lycra 58″ wide Machine Washable

Curious about chambray I finally decided to investigate.  This is what I discovered online:  A chambray is a plain weave fabric woven with a colored yarn in the warp and a white yarn in the weft. The chambray’s warp and weft threads will alternate one over the other.   The underside of chambray will appear much more similar to its face side.

The pink version of the frock on the right caught my eye.  I don’t want a cummerbund though because mine will be for day wear.  Therefore, I’ll probably go with the ribbon belt or make a self fabric belt.

Matching Plaid
First attempt at matching plaid

I used Sewaholic’s method of plaid matching.  At least what I could recall from memory.  We’ll see if it came out correct.  Her instructions advised making sure the front matches in case both front and back do not match.  This fabric has a skosh of lycra and I suspect that didn’t make it any easier.  Not sure.  At least I tried.

plaid skirt section plaid skirt section

I practically did the hula dance when both sections of the skirt fit on my fabric.  You see, the cutting instructions had that large asterisk that says mark the fabric, cut it, turn it 180 degrees or some such.  Ladies, I just didn’t have the wherewithall to be bothered with all that today.  So, I simply cut it out doubled as normal.  I purchased 4 1/2 yards, but was a bit nervous about having enough.  This skirt is mega big.

Project Details:

  • Fabric – Fashion Fabrics Club – $9.45
  • Piping – Jo-Ann’s – regular today’s pricing
  • Buttons – On sale Jo-Ann’s approx. $1.00 some change
  • Zipper – from stash

Total – no more than $14.00

Though I’m not crazy about this plaid for a shirtwaist, I am excited about being in the Simplicity 1950s Shirt Dress Sewing Circle.  Perhaps it will do for a wearable muslin, eh?   Stay tuned for the final reveal.



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