Minoru Mania the Reveal


Red Minoru Jacket

The Minoru has got to be one of the cutest weekend jackets of all time. I had to do it one time, two times, three times and now this time.  Sewaholic patterns champion the pear-shaped figure.  I’d say my figure more closely resembles the Michelin man/beach ball figure and with a few adjustments this jacket fits quite well, IMHO.  In an earlier version I did a FBA and brought that over to this project.


Covering my hips is necessary so this version sports extra length.  Finally, I installed a dual separating zipper -a first.  I’m looking forward to the benefits of that feature.

Red Minoru Lining
New camera in 2016 I say!

Seems it took forever and a day to find just the right lining.  Long story short I got this via eBay at $2.00/yard.  Yesssss!  Needless to say my photography does not do it justice.  Hopefully you can see the pattern better in the photo below or in the ones I will take modeling this baby.

Minoru Lining Pocket


Two small inside pockets come with this jacket which is definitely convenient.  I omitted the velcro for closing.  Plus, I added two outside patch pockets on the front.

Project Stats:

  • Fashion Fabrics Red Orange Twill – $11.85
  • Lining: eBay approx. $6.00
  • Dual Separating Zipper 30″ – $7.99
  • Elastic – from stash



They say,”Never say never”, but this probably needs to be my last Minoru.  At least for myself, LOL.  Wait, then again, I did give the Pink Minoru that I made for myself away to a local thrift store.  The lining was the bomb, but the bed sheet shell not so much.

Red Minoru Double Zip
Loving the double faced zipper!
Red Minoru Jacket Back
The fitted waist is to die for!

You know, if I just had to sew another I think I would make the sleeve circumference a skosh roomier!  All-in-all, I still love, love this weekend jacket.





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