Looking Back Before Moving Forward


Sankofa is often associated with the proverb, “Se wo were fi na wosankofa a yenkyi,” which translates as: “It is not wrong to go back for that which you have forgotten.”

As I reviewed last year’s beginning of the year blog post I am glad that beating a dead dog is not part of my personality, LOL.  I suppose for the most part I did accomplish more of what I intended than not.

For instance, I have put a small dent in adding vintage style garments to my wardrobe.  I remain encouraged and recommit to that endeavor.  Being committed to increased sewing skills including couture techniques is ongoing and sew much fun.  The Sewing & Quilt Expo is coming up shortly and I am making plans to attend at least one of the days and take a class or two (or three).  One of them is dedicated to decorative seams, apparently inside and out.  I’m real excited about that one.

As a thrift store lover I admit to having succumbed to sale priced pants wear.  Shame one me.  One of my goals was (still is) that of ridding my wardrobe of pants in favor of dresses and skirts.  In my defense I have since re-donated many of those said pants.

Several months ago my “replacement” digital camera basically died.  It was one of those Kodak auto digital cameras.  The hubby brought it trying to do a good thing.    I figured I’d simply use my cell phone camera.  Long story short, it ain’t good enough.  Better blog photography has been on my mind ever since I lost my real camera, a Canon Rebel.  Needless to say, I will try again this year to purchase a real replacement for I truly believe the photos are the best part of a blog.  No, I won’t “try”; I need to commit to purchasing a decent Canon digital camera.  As they say, “a photo is worth 1,000 words”.

As a sewcial person I found it difficult to resist sew-a-longs last year.  I joined a couple featuring garments I did not even like simply to play along with a group of wonderful gals.  I’ll need to curb that this year . . .  yeah right!  ‘Nuff said.

One bit of good news.  If you’ve been following and paying attention to my blog you’ll remember last year this time I was gleefully unemployed (as I called it to mentally cope).  You see, in this country, an educated women with a master’s degree is not supposed to be unemployed with outstanding student loans.  I am glad to report that last March I was offered a modestly paid position on as as-needed basis.  Happily since then I applied for and was offered a part-time position at the same job.  Oh, get this, I had to take a CUT IN PAY for going part-time (more hours) from prn (as needed).

An interesting anecdote about the job situation . . . I applied to be a full time minister last January which requires funds (gas for visiting people, food).  It was not until I applied to Pioneer (full time minister) that I was offered a job after looking since 2012.  I choose to believe Matthew 6:33 of the Holy Scriptures came in to play.  🙂

Consequently, one of my sewing plans for 2016 will be to sew a wardrobe of skirts (many plain ones because I have so many printed tops and full circle styles) along with complimentary comfortable tops to wear while engaging in my ministry.

Here’s to a stitching happy 2016 to you all as I continue to incorporate the words of our Yeartext, “Let your brotherly love continue“.



4 thoughts on “Looking Back Before Moving Forward

  1. Trish

    Congratulations on achieving many of your goals, sewing and spiritual, in the past year. I hope the coming 2016 will be as fruitful….. And don’t make too many plain things, I love those flashes of inspiration and fancy, I’m sure your parishioners will too. Happy 2016, regards Trish


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