Hexagon Pin Cushion

Lyrically Styled Hexie Cushion
Lyrically Styled Hexie Pin Cushion

This was a fun craft project used to begin teaching a friend how to sew.  Initially I was going to make one for her to celebrate her new journey then it occurred to me that she could make it herself.

Daphanie's Hexie Pincushion
Daphanie Styled Hex Pin Cushion

This was the first time Daphanie was behind a sewing machine after 22 years!  I am sew proud of her!  She took a beginning sewing class Tuesday at Jo-Ann Fabrics.  While she was satisfied I think it was a joke and I can’t wait to begin some “real” sewing with her over the next few days.  She purchased some navy crepe fabric to make a first skirt.  Yippeeee!!!

Since she’s not quite ready to blog, I guess I’ll have to feature her creations here at Sew Lyrically Vintage.  I know you all will be there cheering her on!

Filling used for my hexie pin cushion came from my stash and it wasn’t loose and fluffy.  Rather I think it was batting.  I pulled and tore at it to make it looser to stuff the cushion more evenly.  It’s a skosh lumpy, lol, but it does serve its purpose.  Daphanie had sense enough to purchase proper fiber filling and truly it is smooth.

Hexie Cushion

If you would like to make this for yourself visit Miss Penny’s website. Hexie Caddy Tutorial.

All-in-all this was a fun, quick project and I am glad Ms. Penny shared with everybody how to do this.



5 thoughts on “Hexagon Pin Cushion

  1. What a great friend you are, I envy you a sewing friend. I read blogs because I know no one else who sews…and I think Daphanie will love sewing – it stressful, fun, frustrating, fashionable, exacting, forgiving and focused!


    1. Hello Nothy,

      I am going to share your words with her. Wait, get this . . . . she’s such a good friend me AND the hubby are spending the night over her house tonight. We live off-grid, she has electricity so I’m online playing, giggles.

      Have a swell weekend!




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