Full Circle Skirt

Circle Skirt

After asking advice on what to wear to a retirement party next year (casual) Beccie, of Sew Retro Rose suggested I wear, among other things, a circle skirt.  I have seen them on other “curvy” gals and they look fine but I have always mentally shied away from ME wearing one.  I reasoned no 46″ hipped grannie should be sporting a circle skirt in public.

Stretch Belt 2
Lyrically styled stretch belt

Well, I have been advised to stop the madness and go for it by some of my international sewing buds.  Sew, yesterday I decided to make a full circle skirt for an important meeting this afternoon.  To my stash I went.  Pink, black, and white is one of my new “things”.  When I saw this cotton, at Wal-Mart nonetheless, I had to have it.

Stretch Belt 3

Circle Skirt Rear

All the gals seems to wear a stretch belt with their circle skirts so I’ve been pricing them for some months.  While $10.00 ain’t bad I made this one for way less.  🙂  Smiling at myself.  Now I need to find 3″ elastic in pink and red to complete my stretch belt wardrobe.

All I need now is crinoline in black, red, and white.  The Malco Modes one I have is way too poofy for everyday wear, IMHO.  Thus, I would like to get a MM one that is not quite as full as the one I currently own.

Sew, what do you think?  Should the full circle skirt remain in my wardrobe?






13 thoughts on “Full Circle Skirt

  1. Lara

    Are you kidding???!!! You look FAB! I think your circle skirt balances your figure perfectly. You look very hour-glassy. You’ve made me determined to get my machine fixed in January! I love clothes with some swoosh!

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  2. Trish

    It looks great on you, and is fun too! I think you should always wear circle skirts. Pity your lovely tulle underskirt is too pouffy though, but I’m sure you’ll work something out. Merry Christmas and best wishes, Trish


  3. Brewer Barbara

    You look great in your circle skirt!
    What pattern did you use?
    I also live in a warm climate, so rather than crinoline, I use something like horsehair braid to make the skirt hem stick out a bit. Another thing I’ve done is sew a wide eyelet ruffle to the underside of the hem. It makes the hem kind of flare, and looks like a petticoat.

    I love your cheerful posts!


    1. Uwwww weee, Ms. Barbara,

      Thank you for those suggestions. Why I forgot ALL about horsehair braid. I remember reading about it in my copy of Gertie’s book. By jove, you’ve given me the answer.

      Your visit and commentary have made my day. Thanks. 🙂




  4. amr

    My daughter and I just discovered your blog! We really enjoy your ideas and we think the circle skirt looks very nice on you! Have a blessed day!


    1. AMR,

      What a kind thing to say to me. Thank you so very much for saying so and visiting my blog. Please, visit whenever you can or better yet, click the link to follow Sew Lyrically Vintage.




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