Minoru Mania

red Minoru

As if three were not enough a fourth Minoru jacket is in the works at Lyric’s She Shack for the December Make A Garment A Month project. Here is my Minoru no. 3.

For some reason I thought I had purchased a fun red print to use as lining.  After tearing through my stash apparently I did not.  I did find a piece of fabric from a local thrift store.  Color-wise it will do, but it is not very exciting.  Of course I failed to get a photo of it, duh.  The question is:  Do I go with what I have and save money or go for the gusto and find a print that is so wacko that it’s mind blowing?  Frankly, I vote for finding a red “out there” fabric.  I’ll bet ya time will get in the way and I wind up using what’s on hand.  Can you say, “boring”?

This Lyrically styled Minoru will be hoodless.  All of the other three had lined hoods.  I doubt that I would ever use a hood in these tropical temps.  If it gets chill enough for a head covering I could simply crochet a cool tam or even sew a way cool vintage style hat to match.

Pattern pieces were already traced including a FBA and lengthening of the front and back by about 4″.  Therefore, I needed a longer zipper.  Finally, I located a red, dual seperating zipper long enough.  I had thought a metal zipper would be better, but searching for a while I settled on what I could locate – a sports parka zipper with molded plastic teeth.

Tasia, Sewaholic’s owner, did not include a pocket with the original pattern, but many sewists have stepped up to include tutorials on how to add various pocket styles including in-seam and patch variations.  This red/orange twill baby will be getting the atch pockets a la “Did You Make That.  This will be the second time I used this pocket.  Here it is on the Minoru sent to my daughter last month.  With her tkutorial this pocket was easey peasey though I confess two changes:  1)  I machine stitched mine into place.  I simply could not abide hand sewing it on as I had other projects to complete before year’s end.  2)  I opted to line the pockets via the method of cutting he lining the same as the pocket, sewing all around, leaving an opening, turning the pocket right side out, pressing, and fusing the small opening with Stitch Witchery.  No one sees the lining and I saw no need to go through all that hand stitching .  I also decided to stick with the increased length.  I like a style jacket that hits at thigh length.  It takes a lot of fabric to clear the rear end which is my hiney.

Stay tuned for my Lyrically Styled Minoru Mania Reveal.




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