Malco Modes 501 Petticoat

Malco Modes Petticoat

This Malco Modes crinoline was a sweet thrift store find.  Can you believe I paid like $5.00 for it?  Sadly, I have been too chicken to attempt to wear it myself.  Something I am going to redress soon.

There is a number on it that I must check.  I would like to see if it is a current style and possibly find out the original asking price.

Finally, I found out a little more information about this amazing crinoline:

Malco Modes has announced that they will no longer manufacture or stock this petticoat.
For those who want a Krystalline petticoat, the SAM’S 660K is an Organdy peticoat with the LAST TIER in the Krystalline material.

So that’s what makes this petticoat feel so amazing . . . “krystalline”.  Looks like I’ll need to chase down an organdy petticoat if that’s what is truly similar to my Malco Modes no. 501.  I’d like one a skosh less puffy for daily style needs.

For those interested in this style petticoat . . . here’s paying it forward:

Here’s looking forward to donning my first crinoline in the upcoming new year.




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