Miss Dixie O’Dare Sun Dress Sew-A-Long Reveal

Sundress Frock Full Front

I started out not liking this fabric very much.  I purchased it because a friend is liquidating one of our friend’s fabric stash and I got this piece, six yards for $5.00.

Sun Dress Frock FabricSome gals over at Miss Dixie’s commented positively about it so now at least I think it tolerable.  Then again, perhaps I will feel differently when I get her all done.  I’m writing this portion of the post just after completing the bodice, straps, the bodice trim, and pinning the skirt sides together (which I may have to unpin and install the pockets).  Oh, wait, no, I believe Miss Dixie mentioned positioning and sewing the pockets almost at the end of the project.

Good news!  Save for hemming (it is doing the hang for 24 hours thing), I am done!  I’ll pop in a narrow hem and keep it moving.  The deadline (last I checked) is Monday.  The way I see it, I’ll sew up the hem tomorrow (Friday); hopefully model her for pics if I can get hubby to cooperate, and then hang her up until next spring, LOL.  That’s cool because I have my eye on a crocheted bolero (yeah, right!!!)  Heeyy, I just might make it  :-).  Er ah, that is unless I find a bolero that I can sew first.  Triple giggles.  For real, the crochet one is tres cute, but daaag I am so limited with my time now with working part time and volunteering full time.

This project was a double fun one.  First, I got to play along with some new sewing gal pals a la Miss Dixie O’Dare.  And, I now own a sun frock made from a vintage Australian journal pattern.  Oh, and we won’t even talk about the piping.  I love me some piping and this time I added some to the waist between the bodice and skirt.  Nervy considering I’m sporting a 37″ waist.  But, as my new gal pals said, “If I like it, wear it”.

Sundress Skirt

Project Wrap-Up

  • Fabric – Yard sale find – $6.00 (6 yards of the stuff)
  • Zipper – thrifted, from stash, probably .25
  • Piping – basically free

For those that read the previous post, recall I lengthened the straps.  Well, guess what?  I wound up ripping and cutting away the length that I added, duh.  The darn things seemed too small to me at the first.  Well, apparently they weren’t.  Oh, here’s an interesting tidbit.  I added a lining to the skirt portion.  Okay, here’s the real deal.  When I stitched the sides of the skirt together, lo and behold the hem edge did not match up.  Talk about “measure twice, cut once”.  I do not know how that happened.  That’s when I got the idea . . . use this as the lining, re-cut and double check and be sure the panels are the same length and use that for the outside skirt.  Worked like a charm.  Plus, I won’t have to wear a slip with my new frock.   Remember the construction part where where the trim is attached to the top of the bodice?  I opted for the easy way which then has a seam exposed (though under the trim).  Anywho, I enclosed that seam with bias binding.  Oh, and last but not least, I hand stitched a zipper in the back.  Gertie says pick stitching a zipper is a vintage technique that is easier than machine stitching it in.  Hey, I’m all for easy.

Hand Picked ZipperLast I heard the gals were thinking of a Shirtwaist Sew-A-Long.  Now you know I’m all for that.




Sobriety from electronic sewing machines since 2012

16 thoughts on “Miss Dixie O’Dare Sun Dress Sew-A-Long Reveal

  1. Dress looks lovely on you and the zip looks great – I tend to hand sew my zips too as I find it easier to control the fabric. The piping round the waist is a really nice feature. I’ve only made the skirt part but will be making the whole sundress early next year.


    1. Hello Leila:

      Thank you for the comp about my hand picked zip. I figure the more I do them the better I will get. Next on the menu is bound buttonholes. I do not have a buttonholer for my vintage hand crank so acquiring expertise will be a boon for my sewing skills.




    1. Hi Irene:

      I thought you weren’t interested. Wish I knew you didn’t know. Well, check it, girl, they were discussing the possibility of a Shirtwaist Sew-A-Long. I do, I do, hope someone hosts it!!!! You are tall and would look lovely in a shirtwaist. You have such a cool look. I HATE that I did not get to see/meet you in person (rolling my eyes). The daughter will be 18 soon and she’s living her lil life.


  2. Trish

    Oh Lyric, that looks great! And from material you didn’t much like! And you have sunshine and obviously warmth too. Now I am really jealous! Regards Trish


  3. Lyric, the dress turned out so well! The fit, the colors – look totally wonderful! Unfortunately, I ran completely out of time with my Christmas fairs, the kids, everything. And, last but not least, the bodice didn’t fit very well, the piping didn’t behave as it should… Argh, I still WANT to make that dress, so it’s on my UFO pile for the time being, until I have enough courage to start over again (which involves some ripping, gnagna…). I admire your handsewn zip. I always do it with the machine, I’m using something like “Wonder Tape” which works like a miracle. I used to be terrorised by zips, now it’s as easy as ABC. No pinning, no basting, the tape keeps the zip in place. If you ever are able to lay your hand on the tape, try it.

    And I’m super jealous that you can wear this dress outdoors without freezing. I still don’t know where to take the pics once I’m finished. Temperatures currently are about freezing point, and weather is dreadful over here.

    Sendung you warm wishes from chilly Switzerland!


    1. Hiya Doris,

      I’m waving frantically! Sew good to read you and excited that you stopped by. I’ve got to look and check if I have some of this wonderful “wonder” tape. I’ve gotten so many notions from a woman that passed away (her daughter sold her stash) that really I don’t have a clue exactly what’s there, LOL. I am sew looking forward to the hubby getting out of the trailer that he gave to me. Gonna transform it into my very own She Shack. If all goes as I plan I’d like to host a naming party and give away something to the person who’s name is chosen for my space. That should be fun.




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