Miss Dixie O’Dare Sun Frock Sew-A-Long


How cool I stumbled upon a sew-a-long hosted by Miss Dixie O’Dare. The
Sun Frock Sew-A-Long. Not sure if there is a deadline but I’m scrambling to put a dent in the project.  Sew-a-longs are fun; the mutual interest, “meeting” (albeit cyberly) sewists from all over the world!  Our project is View 7448, the yellow frock.

Sun Dress Frock Fabric

Fabric washed and dried finally I can begin cutting.  Using a rotary is fast becoming my favorite method.  It’s so quick.


Last week I dyed a pair of black jeans and the instructions said to add two cups of salt to the dye bath.  Therefore, when I read Miss O’Dare’s blog that she too “dissolved a spoonful of salt in some hot water and added that to the wash. This is a trick I learned from my Grandma, and it supposed to help keep fabric colourfast” it made clear the Rit dye instructions.  Mental note:  “Keep this in mind, Lyric; it’s useful”.

To omit a center seam down the front I cut perpendicular to the fabric grain for the skirt and I think the bodice, LOL.   Guess we’ll see when I put it together if I did or did not for other pieces.  I know for sure that one of the front scallop pieces was cut differently because I recall thinking I may put it on the back side and no one would know.

Stay tuned for part II.



6 thoughts on “Miss Dixie O’Dare Sun Frock Sew-A-Long

  1. Using a rotary blade is absolutely a game changer- especially with designs like this! SO many curved edges that get snipped to perfection now. It’s a shame that they cost so much to replace!

    I think the deadline for the piece is by the end of the month so you still have plenty of time to get this one knocked out- I’m super looking forward to seeing your version! Everyone else’s projects are turning out so well! Are you on the Facebook group?

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