Minoru With Love

Minoru Jacket

Minoru Jacket Envelope

As I begin a Minoru jacket for my daughter I confess being a tad bit anxious.  I want her to like the thing and be proud of my work.  For the most part I do not sew for others which kinda goes against the premise of my mission statement and one reason I named my sewing machine Tabitha.  Lack of confidence in my sewing skills is the honest truth of the matter.  So, I am going to take my time, not cut corners, reinforce stitching where necessary and then some, and enjoy the experience!

To that endeavor I believe I will write about this project over several posts culminating with the final reveal which will hopefully include a shot of baby girl sporting her very own Lyrically made “Minoru, With Love” jacket.  Update:  I didn’t do several posts just this one.  Let’s get busy, shall we?

She is not nearby for fitting and I can not seem to get her measurements; oh boy!  She wears size 8 in RTW clothing  I think I will re-request her measurements.  Otherwise, from previous conversations about her RTW sizing I had settled on making a size 10 for her.  A little wiggle room won’t hurt and she can always wear a sweater underneath the jacket for increase warmth in the northern temperatures.

Tracing Pattern
Tracing original pattern down to her size 10. How do ya like my pattern weights?

Here’s a tip for those who don’t know (I didn’t) to save money on pattern tracing paper.  You know the oh so cool Swedish Tracing paper that’s out there?  Yeah, well, it’s all well and good IF you can afford it. What I call “doctor’s office tissue paper” b.k.a. medical exam paper is the bomb.  I got this tip from a bloggess and for the life of me I can’t think of her blog’s name.  But you’d better bet I will keep trying to find it because I believe in citing references.  I got a huge roll for less than $9.00 AND you can see through it and write upon it.  What a find!

Black Minoru in making

I was given a choice of black, tan, or white for colour.  Initially I chose to make her a tan jacket because black is one of my main favorite colors.  Left to my own devices I’d probably make everything in black or red.  I figured a change would be good.  White for a jacket is elegant but ridiculous to keep clean (imho).  So, I wound up purchasing black cotton sateen for this project, LOL.

Black Print Sateen
Minoru Lining Fabric

“Black, White & Pale Lilac Whimsical Print Dress Weight Sateen Fabric Suitable for Dresses 100% Cotton 58″ wide Machine Washable Usually $12.00/yd”

I am sew excited to be making this jacket a third time.

Black Sateen Fabric

Minoru 1 and Minoru 2 fit me to a tee.  Therefore, when I make Minoru 4 in red (fabric already ordered and in stash), I am going to make it a skosh larger overall so I may wear a sweater underneath if necessary.

Project Details

Black Print Sateen – $5.50 (Fashion Fabrics Club)

Black Stretch Sateen – $5.95 (FFC)

Elastic – $2.87 (Jo-Ann’s, @ 40% off)

Zippers – $2.87 and $1.67 (Jo-Ann’s, @ 40% off)

Thread – from stash

Total = $18.86

All the pattern pieces have been traced and the fabric cut.  Next I must transfer pattern markings to the fashion fabric.  Stay tuned for the next post as this saga continues!

Minoru Patch Pocket

Update [11/9/2015]:

As you see above baby girl has her precious Minoru.  I asked specifically for photos showing the lining, the hood and it’s lining, the way cute back (it cinches via a 2″ wide elastic). For naught.  I am so perturbed that for lack of a dressform I have no proof of how this project turned out.  One of my goals with my blog is to make the photography better.  Digressing, though not perfect I enjoyed this project and liked how the jacket turned out.  I suppose the most important thing is . . . . she likes it.



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7 thoughts on “Minoru With Love

  1. Trish

    Yep, that’s the experience I have with daughters. They ask you to make things then won’t give you their measurements! 🙂 However it turned out great! Fits to a T. I’d love to see that lining too, I bet she wears it to death. Clever Mom!


    1. Hi Trish:

      Don’t you just know it (what you wrote). Thank you for stopping by and paying comps too. I appreciate it. At least I did get a small shot of the lining fabric though it is before it was put together. Maybe when I go and visit within the next month or so I’ll just get photos on my own, sigh. Now I’m about to make a fourth Minoru for myself, ahem again, but in RED!!! Ooooh, can’t wait. And check it, I just got an oriental, red and gold fabric for the lining!!!!


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