Dressing Like A Lady

ms. vintage uk
Would beg or borrow for fabric like that to make my own skirt!

Vintage and vintage style garments have appealed to me since early adulthood.  As a past middle aged woman (let’s keep it real, I am not middle-aged for I know no one that is 100 years old) the appeal has not lessened.

As a sewist I have an advantage of being able to reproduce vintage-styled garments.  Sometimes though I wish I could afford and find true vintage styles that fit my body.  When I visit thrift stores it would seem that large women did not exist.  Certainly they did not seem to give away their clothing.  Thankfully I am able to sew my own vintage style fashions.  It is a slow process but I suppose Rome was not built in a day either.

Needless to say glamour shots the likes of Lena Horne, Dorothy Dandridge, Ginger Rogers,  Lauren Bacall, and others are all swoon worthy.  Yet, my interests lie in what the so-called everyday gal would wear; i.e., the cotton, cotton blend day dresses, or dresses and skirts that a lady would wear from the morning to early evening while at home or socializing with her friends – comfortable clothing like these.

tumblr_lg3rquQbPo1qbzwwco1_12801940s black women

Love the outfit on the left!  It reminds me of this:

Mommy 1940s
My Mother – 1940s


1930's dress with crochet trim

My goals are lofty, certainly a work in progress.  As usual I underestimated what it is taking to reach the status daily wear of vintage styled garments in the form of dresses and skirts.  In looking back over my progress I am easily distracted for I see many garments that I have made over the last two years that do not fit the mission.  I shan’t chastise myself.   I am meeting wonderful people like yourself on this journey and I am loving every minute of it.  Perhaps for 2016 I will make it a priority to get a bit more focused and really think about the items I make versus just making something because it feels good.  Wardrobe planning I believe it is called.  Meanwhile I have another 10 weeks before all of that.  🙂

Finishing touches definitely set the tone.  This tutorial is very nice.  Where I live it is 98 degrees in the shade much of the time.  Thus, I have shied away from wearing make-up; especially foundation.  This tutorial features minimal make-up I would say.  Truthfully, I would love to find such a video geared toward older women of colour like myself.

Have you read Elegant Woman blog? I have found the author’s treatise to be well researched, thought out, and conveyed.

elegantwoman-buttonDressing like a lady, indeed being a lady, is a topic near and dear to my heart.  Certainly I am a work in progress and I will continue to read and apply all that I learn about the topic.



8 thoughts on “Dressing Like A Lady

  1. Béa

    My word, the trio of ladies in hats look every bit as sulky and cynical as any gang of today’s teenagers!

    I love the lace detail on the coffee coloured dress. So simple, but so effective.

    And your mother is SO elegant!

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    1. Awwww, thanks, Ms. Bea, for what you said about my Mamma. She was such a classy lady. If I had the class of her baby finger I would be so much further along in this game of life.




  2. I love the vintage look– late 20’s bias cut dresses, 30’s housedresses, 40’s peplums, big shoulders, cuban heeled stockings. Work your plan! You can do it! (And I love your pinterest vintage page).

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    1. Thanks, Robbie.

      Yes, me and bias are having a looooove afffairrr!!!! I just finished The Lost Art of Dress (finally purchased and read the book). I have spent the better of two days going through my closets and have thrifted away about four bags of “stuff”. Next I am going to look through the myriad of books I have collecting dust on shelves.

      I already have in mind my January 1, 2016 post. In addition to looking back over 2015, I will be writing about wardrobe planning. My closet is a hodge podge of crap. Yup, I said it. And even with this year’s sewing there was no rhyme or reason to what I was sewing and much of it has been “hurry up and get this sewn” type stuff. Well, I need to put a stop to that madness. (I’ll continue in it until 12-31, LOL)

      I wrote one post about the book I just mentioned, but that was before having read it for myself. I am sure there will be many a quote from it next year.

      Thanks for your cyber support. Let’s support one another!




  3. Lara

    How different the world would be if the idea of being a lady or a gentleman, and manners, were fashionable again!

    I don’t want to go into an extended ramble, but I makes me sad to see so many women in the media who feel the need to “prove” their worth as an object first, and then perhaps, as a distant second, a person. It makes me sad to hear about the hateful behavior in social media, the press.

    I feel no need to cooperate with these expectations and attitudes. I won’t dye my hair just because it’s going grey and I’m going to dress modestly to suit myself, and do my best to treat others the way I want to be treated. I don’t always succeed, and there are days when I wish my hair would hurry up and get completely grey so I can dye it in a sort of lavender watercolor effect I saw once.

    As you said, I too am very much a work in progress. Hooray for the work and the journey, and every soul who chooses this path!

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