Patch Pocket For The Minoru Jacket – Tutorial

With two Minoru projects coming up (black one for my daughter; red one for me) this tutorial was right on time. The professionalism and kindness are bar none. Perhaps some of you may find this pocket useful.



Did You Make That?

Ian made us a downloadable PDF template!

Hey, guys! Sorry the tutorial took a bit of time coming to you. That’s because my lovely boyfriend was making us a downloadable template in between his Open University studies. What an angel! Click the link below and it’s all yours. A big thank you to Ian.

Now, on to the tutorial-type stuff…


  • Interfacing
  • Two patches of fashion fabric
  • Two patches of lining fabric
  • Beeswax for your thread (optional)
  • Needle and thread
  • A printer to print off the didyoumakethat pocket pdf template for a patch pocket.


Print off your PDF template. Be sure to measure your 40x40mm square to ensure that the sizing is correct. For accurate sizing, at the printing stage please select ‘None’ in the scaling options:

Cut out your templates and overlap the two pieces of the patch pocket template at the dashed line. Tape together.

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One thought on “Patch Pocket For The Minoru Jacket – Tutorial

  1. Thank you for this! What a brief but very useful blog post! I love the detail on that pocket. I think it adds a bit of quirk to the garment all while looking chic and smart! Thanks to your boyfriend for this, isn’t he the sweetest?


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