Vogue 7607 The Little Red Lie

Vogue 7607

“Now I’m not one to go round spreadin’ rumors.  Why really I’m just not the gossipy type.  Oh you’ll never hear Ms. Lyric repeating gossip.  So you’d better be sure and listen close the first time.” ~ Hee Haw

Meet Vogue 7607 the skirt that made a liar out of me.  A post or two ago (Well, I meant to write up a post about it!) – I practically promised no new sewing projects until I was done with current sewing, project one, project two, and project number three (a Minoru jacket for my baby girl). Well, well, well.  Here comes Fashion Fabrics Club, strolling down cyberspace chock full of inexpensive fabrics and all up in my business.  The red jersey fabric sashayed herself into my vision.  Next thing I know she’s taking out my bank card, ordering herself, and being mailed to my house!

Next thing I know, she’s searching the pattern stash for just the right skirt.  Ah, found it, a cute bias cut skirt.  Nope, not enough fabric!  Back to the drawing board.  Vogue 7607 was standing in the background waving it’s envelope flap frantically for attention saying, “View C; View C”!

Next thing I know, I’m attempting rudimentary pattern grading to get the thing to fit.  This pattern was purchased so long ago I don’t even remember when.  Hardly am I a size 16 these days, bwahhhh haaaaa.  Apparently my tastes haven’t changed much for I still dig asymmetrical lines.  I’ll tell you what.  I enjoyed working with this project so much that I am ISO the larger size.  Yet, I digress.

In addition to making me gossip, and a liar, this skirt is one jacked up, bastardized (is that a word) skirt.  It is chock full of mistakes and I should probably be ashamed.  But, I ain’t!   Tee hee hee.  Probably because it’s red.

Vogue 7607 Waist Stay
Vintage Rayon Seam Binding

At least I tried something new in the form of binding the waist seamline.  I have put in stay stitching but never incorporated the use of seam binding.  At .35/pk. I am pretty sure this is vintage from my stash.  For some reason I opted to hand sew the binding in place.  I think it should have been higher but the instructions say to place it over the seamline.

Vogue 7607 facing

The skirt called for a lining.  I almost forsook one seeking to use bias binding instead.  I can’t recall what changed my mind.  Anyway, off to my stash I went in search of something appropriate then it hit me.  Recently I had thrown a pair of cute capri pants into my fabric stash because there was a big ole rip in the buttocks area all the way across!  Not in the seam either.  I really loved those thrifted pants.  Perfect for my skirt.  I have never lined an outfit with fabric that did not match the outside.  Well, today was the day.  And, even though no one will ever see it, I’ll know this way cute fabric is there.  Oh, and now, you, my cyber sewing buds will know too.

This baby is hanging (just in case I needed to do that) in my She Shack.  Stay tuned for final photographs, further project details, and maybe I will be able to get someone to get a shot of me wearing it.






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6 thoughts on “Vogue 7607 The Little Red Lie

  1. Tee Hee – I know that feeling. My stash would qualify me for Horders. I got an email from Fabric Mart and like a flying squirrel, I bought some fabric (more like a stack) –with a quickness. I felt so bad after I clicked the submit button. That’s me, Relapse Robbie! Love that red!

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  2. that skirt is looking gorgeous, love the lining details. I adore asymmetric hems and looking forward to the final photographs. (had to smile when I read your opening, every time I make a definite sewing plan, nothing surer that fate will design to change it in a week)

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