Celebrate National Sewing Month

NSM2015_300x250I can not believe I almost missed National Sewing Month!  Certainly we do not need an excuse to indulge our passion.  Yet, oh how cool it is to do so, snickles and giggles.

In my She Shack you will find:

  • Sundress Project (was due 8-31-15
  • Red skirt
  • Rail Fence Quilt (started over a year ago)
  • Black sateen fabric for a Minoru jacket

And that’s just for starters.

What projects have you planned for National Sewing Month?







3 thoughts on “Celebrate National Sewing Month

  1. BrewerBarbara

    Oh, my, I should fix the fit on the last skirt and blouse I made ’cause they don’t fit quite right, but new patterns are calling me.
    I’m working down my stash with:
    Flannel shirt for me, flannel PJs for husband, shirtwaist dress . . . the list goes on and on.

    And I want to say I love your blog!


    1. Waving at Ms. Barbara!

      Thank you for saying so. I am honored.

      You know I have a “thing” for the shirtwaist. Did you participate last year in the Autumn of 1,000 Shirtdresses? It was a blast! I hope the hostess does it again this year!


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