Sundress Sew-A-Long

Simplicity 1418

My Sundress Sew-A-Long garment is due on Sunday and today is Wednesday. Get this, I’m cutting into the fashion fabric and voila . . . I don’t have enough for the whole skirt. Grrrr, I only have enough purple cotton for one half of the skirt of my dress.  Thankfully just now I checked eBay and found what appears to be a match AND it should arrive “on or before the 31st”.  The seller is not too far away so I am hoping I get this in time to complete it on time.  Meanwhile I am going to keep working on cutting the bias strips of the contrasting purple/white fabric.

At least the bodice muslin was accomplished earlier today.  Thank goodness for the toile process and the fact that I am slowly embracing them. Clearly I needed one.  I have read that the the underwear that will be worn with the garment should be used for fitting purposes.  Ummm, excuse me, unless it is a special occasion, how am I supposed to know exactly what brassiere I am going to wear on a given day?  Wait, do ladies really wear only certain bras with certain dresses?  Okay, I know they do if for instance, the top is a racer back.  But, seriously, everyday dresses?  For this fitting I have on my comfy cotton bra.

Now I know that I need to shorten the straps 1″ and take in the front piece about 3/4″ so it will not gap.  Note to self, “Self, don’t forget to make corresponding adjustments on the facing pieces.”

For a couple of minutes I waked around in a quandry wondering how I would get this bodice to go from loosey goosey here . . .

Simplicity 1418 Toile Front


Simplicity 1418 Toile Fitted

When I went back to the sewing table and looked at the pattern piece — it is multi-sized. Let’s all say, “Duh, Lyric” while rolling our eyes. I am happy with the waist area.  Now on to laying out the fashion fabric.  This is when I realized I need another piece of fabric.

Stay tuned and let’s see if I can meet the deadline!



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3 thoughts on “Sundress Sew-A-Long

  1. Oh, that is going be so cute, the bodice looks great on you with that center front tuck…it adds nice interest, too. Crossing my fingers for your fabric and project. I am guilty of finishing sewing for a deadline too close to finish time more often than not myself.


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