Wrap It Up!

Wrap Dress Bodice

Finally, photos of my Aussie Wrap Dress.  It occurred to me that if I wore it to work today I might actually get photographs.  Guess what, the dress was a hit!  Co-workers and patients alike commented about it and you know I had to tell them all about it, how Beccie’s doggy picked my number and how this was a gift from a sewist cyber blogger friend alllll the way from Australia.  I am so giddy, warm about it all.

I can’t wait until I am able to do a give-a-way from this blog.  As I previously stated it will probably be centered around allowing you dear readers to change the name of my She Shack (the sewing room) to something more fitting and cute.  Truly, as Jesus said, “There is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving.”

Oh, let me show you the nail design that I sported when I first wore the dress last week.

passion pink sew lyrically vintage nailspassion pink sew lyrically vintage nails

I tire easily of my painted nails so I had to get a photo of them before I re-polished my nails.  Co-workers have been asking me if these are my own nails.  Ahh, yah, they are.  Then again, even if I purchased a set of acrylics they’d be mine.  Pink Stripe Sew Lyrically Vintage NailsPink Stripe Sew Lyrically Vintage Nails

M6959 Wrap Dress Side
What’s that face all about, LOL?

The dress was comfy for worship and now I have worn it for an entire evening shift at work.  It gets rave reviews in my book.  I highly recommend this easy peasey wrap dress.  Uwww, imagine if I had a 32″ waist; i.e., a not so large waist to accentuate the wrap of the dress.  Hmmm, corsets are looking up for me these days.  If I could just get with wearing one in the upwards of  literal 98 degrees in the shade temperatures that are the norm here.  Meanwhile, check out Orchard Corset.  I am pretty sure that is where I will be purchasing the corset.  I am not an affiliate of their I simply learned of them through a lady in our Sew Retro Rose Ladies group and their prices are phenomenally affordable (even for me).

M6959 Wrap Dress Back

M6959 Wrap Dress FrontOnce again, I thank you, Beccie, for sharing this pretty fabric; I love it.





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19 thoughts on “Wrap It Up!

  1. Lyric, you look gorgeous in this dress! I don’t know exactly what you are working, but the patients must certainly feel cheered up by the great outfit! The colours and the print suit you so nice. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Trish

    It’s lovely to see full sized photos of your wrap dress. It’s so tropical, perfect for those 98deg temperatures of which you speak. Corsets? I don’t think you need them. You look great.


  3. its absolutely gorgeous. the trim is perfect and I love the trim detail on the crossover wrap on the front, it defines the dress beautifully. not surprised you got so many compliments!


  4. Anonymous

    It’s even prettier now that I can see more of it! Your pink trim is the icing on the cake. I agree with the others…corset if you want to, but you don’t need to. Great job!


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