M6959 – Wrap Dress


Finally, my Sew Retro Rose project has come to fruition.  It took me forever and a day to decide what to make with this pretty fabric.  Thankfully M6959 a wrap dress came along.  The intention was to wear the dress a couple of Sundays ago; however, I followed the kind advice of my Sew Retro Rose cyber sewing friends and allowed it to hang 24 hours before hemming (bias skirt and all).  Er ah, it wound up hanging for several days.

embarass face

Okay everybody, I am so impatient.  I have been wanting and wanting to don this frock again to get decent pics.  You see, what – what happened was, I lowered the resolution on my cell phone to make sending photographs easier.  Well, now the darn thing is too small.



I reaaally wanted to share this post with you gals and don’t want to wait another week or more.  IF I wind up getting larger pics no one will see them because this post will then be old.  Ay yi yi.  Awww, I’m just going for it, my impatience has won out.  I do commit to adding larger photographs at some point in the future.

M6959 Project

Project Details:

The frock was comfy to wear.  Aren’t all wrap dresses that way though?  The skirt area overlap is adequate (thank gawd).  When I made the musin I was happy with the bodice overlap (the girls weren’t hanging out); however, when I completed the dress with my fashion fabric, not so much.  Sew, I am going to make a triangular shaped modesty panel out of the fashion fabric to place over the small bit of cleavage that may show if I move a certain way.  Honestly, I couldn’t figure out how to raise the bodice crossover area without it looking crazy.  I did not want or need to add to the waist and every scenario I came up with seemed to include a curve to make the crossover raised and I did not want that look.  I like the crisp “x” of the original crossover design.  Did that make sense to you gals?  Not sure if I explained myself correctly.

M6959 Completed

I have read standard patterns are created for the “B” cup; however, I did not bother with a FBA for these “D” girls at all.  The pattern did not come with multi-bust pattern tissues.  Perhaps the need for a FBA is lessened with some of the big 4 companies?

My fav part – the bias trim.  This pattern called for goo gobs of bias trim.   Well, let’s just say it’s the most I have used in a single project.  Oh wait, no, I lied for my Robson coat took a slew of bias tape.  But, the difference is this frock shows all the pretty bias.  Bias is one of those vintage style trademarks too I understand.  This was my first try at the mitered corner.  Definitely room for improvement.  But,  anything I keep at will get better.  The old “practice makes perfect” saying fits here.  I just remembered, I ran out of bias trim several inches away from the finish line, ay yi yi.  Thankfully I had more pink bias trim in my stash; BUT, it was a skosh smaller than the large size on the rest of the frock.  I wound up putting the smaller around the neck edge and down the less prominent edge of the front (the left side actually).  I am considering purchasing more of the larger bias trim and simply placing it on top of the smaller.  When I laid a piece over it the other day it was not overly bulky which surprised me.  Mr. Lyric thinks I should leave it be and that no one would notice.  But, you and I know that’s probably not accurate (wishful thinking).

It would be nice to have a pair of vintage style leather, low wedge, ankle wrap-around shoes in pink to go with this dress. 50s pink wedges Bottom line, I love the fabric, I like this dress.  It was a fun, quick, project.  Oh, and I added side seam pockets (not part of the original design).  How fun!


Your girl Lyric

P. S.  The shoes I wore have a kitten heel, zip up the back, and are satin!  🙂

11 thoughts on “M6959 – Wrap Dress

  1. What a pity the picture is so small! This wonderful project definitely deserves a large space to be shown and admired! Such a summery dress!
    And I know all to well that, even if our Misters say “nobody will ever notice”, WE know it’s not perfect and therefore we think everybody else will spot the imperfectness or the difference between bias trim A and B. However, I’m sure it still looks pretty.

    Please post better pics soon. Even if it’s only on our SRR cyber sewing friends group page. We would all love to see it. 🙂

    Best regards from your sewing cyber friend in Switzerland, Doris


    1. Awwwwww, Mrs. Button,

      You have made my heart glad. Yes, I will make a concerted effort to post larger photographs (will even highlight my bias boo boo in one, lol). And, you are correct, the ladies of SRR know the what up about the origin of this lovely fabric.


  2. What a coincidence–I ran across another vintage wrap dress pattern earlier today that I fell in love with — so similar to your pattern. I don’t normally wear wrap dresses but I fell in love with the vintage styles. They can be dressed up or down. Funny about what Mr. Lyric said–my daughters tell me the same thing.


    1. Hi Robbie:

      This pattern isn’t vintage. I confess to enjoying not only vintage styles. I’m focusing for now on getting more dresses in the wardrobe (oh and beloved skirts too). 🙂


  3. Hari

    Hi Lyric even with the small pic the colour and style look gorgeous on you! Bias trim really highlights it too. Yes please post bigger pics when you can, either here or on SRR page 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Hari,

      You all have made it worth my while to do just that. Perhaps between today and Monday would be good. I must work a.m. shift tomorrow so maybe after I get home, shower I’ll be in the frame of mind to dress up again in it. If not, Sunday might work swell.

      Thank you for the encouragement. I really appreciate it.




  4. bookwerme

    Love your dress…and the pic you took. Love your sense of adventure as well. Keep it up, Girl!!! (Never mind Mr. Lyric..what does he know about sewing?)


  5. Lara

    I’ll bet the print makes you smile! Life can’t be too serious when you are covered in parrots and pink hibiscus flowers. I have some fabric that is somewhat out of my comfort zone, but it makes me grin. I think a wrap dress would be an excellent way to use it. Thanks for the inspiration!


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