Vogue 9100 and Another Thing

V9100 bodice muslin
V9100 bodice muslin

I forgot to tell you about the pattern fixes of my V9100 project and a cool surprise.

The first thing I did with the bodice muslin was add 1 inch to the waist.  I used yellow tissue paper as seen above.  Then I added 2″ to the front and the back bodice.  Phew, I am so glad I did.  Look where that area hits, and that is with the 2″ raise.

V9100 Bodice Raise
Bodice raised 2″

As if that weren’t enough, check this out:

V9100 tissue fixV9100 tissue fix

Look at that.  Two very important pattern pieces do not match each other.  These are the front and back skirt pieces.  Write-ups on Pattern Review warned of this and oh how I had hoped mine would be correct.

V9100 Tissue Fix

There is a 5″ difference between the two pattern pieces.  Again, I used yellow tissue paper to fill in the gap.  Of course, the notches were mismatched also.

Check out the shoes I wore with this frock:

V9100 Shoes
Diesel brand shoes



These shoes were given to me last year.  Were it not for their comfort level I surely would have thrifted them.  Who knew I would find a fabric, let alone, bedsheet fabric, that would go with them perfectly!  Oh how I wish I had a photograph showing the dress along with the shoes.




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