Lyrical She Shack: Sewing Room Renovation

The concept of “She Shacks” have been on my mind for some time.  Of course I didn’t know they were “she shacks” until I saw that moniker on Pinterest or some such site.

It’s decided.  I am going to have to shape up my sewing area.   A sewing room renovation is definitely in order.  To top it off I will have to do it on a serious shoestring budget. I was hoping soap, water, and paint would do the trick but that’s too good to be true.  I am working with an old 48′ x 12′ park model trailer with two pop-outs. There is a bedroom, bathroom, main area and kitchen.  For now we actually use the kitchen to eat (rolling my eyes); the bedroom area holds my stash and my clothing, a desk for study, and sewing notions.  The main area is where I sew (treadle and hand crank sewing machines), a cutting table, thread holder, and again, the kitchen with normal kitchen stuff including a stove with broken oven (another story all together).

The proper thing to do would be to show you what I am working with, right?  One day I just might get up the gumption to do that.  You see my sewing area is “tow up from the flo up”.  Do I need to translate?  Okay, my sewing area leaves much to be desired and I am embarrassed as ever to show it to my cyber friends.  Not many IRL friends have seen it either to show you how embarrassing it is.

You see, we live off grid which I have learned if you have money is cool – we don’t.  I was looking for at least one photograph to show you of my sewing area and came across this which reminded me to count my blessings.

hip hillbilly farm banner

That’s what we call our lil living place.  That is the banner I used for a blog I was writing when we first arrived on our land, 2011, here in the “kuntry”.  Listening to Mr. Lyric I was idealistic about living off the electrical grid, sigh.  Now two of the children are gone, I’m older, finally blessed with a less than part-time job, and working to be a thankful person.  Wait, I digress . . . . this post was to be about remodeling a trailer into a “She Shack”, right  :-).

These “She Shacks caught my eye – click the photographs for their story:

Ashlee She Shack


“A Husband Gave His Wife An Old Rusty Trailer. Wait Until You See What She Did To It”.  The story above was the straw that broke the camels back for me.  That’s it – I must do SOMEthing with my sewing area.   I figure if I write about what I want to do it will solidify my desire and increase accountability in not continuing to work in an unacceptable environment.

Way out of reach but oh so pretty!

In my thinking the pop-outs need to be torn away and destroyed.  Mr. Lyric says that would make my space very small and that I may not like it.  Here’s the thing, there is yucky mold on them and the wood is, how do you say, nasty.  I’ll have to think about that.

Trailer Sew Room Remake
Bright, bold, sassy, colours appeal to me.  Then again, when I see the fruity,  pastel,  50s “Happy Days” colours used in vintage style decorating, I like those too.  Thankfully, I don’t have to choose today.

vintage housewife

As an honorable mention, how cool is this . . . .

Shab 2 Fab

I’m not finding as many online vintage-inspired sewing room makeovers as I had imagined.  It’s okay for now because I do need to do some demolition before getting to the good parts.  In the meantime if you know if any sites I may visit please holler.  I’m looking for 40s and 50s colour themes.

My thoughts are to host a give-a-way to the one who comes up with a swanky, cool name for my She Shack in the future.  Stay tuned as I hash out this project and thanks in advance for your support.



6 thoughts on “Lyrical She Shack: Sewing Room Renovation

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  2. Anonymous

    Hi just a suggestion on the mold issue..we have similar camper that we use vacations that sprang a leak that gave us same yucky canvas. Hubby repaired the leak and I scrubbed it down with simple green mildew remover (windows open) ($3 from dollar general) and rinsed with fresh water in a bucket and a big sponge…This stuff did wonders and camper looks better than when we bought it!


  3. Pamel Pearson

    Fabulous idea for a craft one. I revamped a small shed for my garden. I named my she shed, sheep shed. I raise sheep. It. Just fits.


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