A Bit of Silk

Cotton Silk

This small piece of fabric is silk and cotton printed voile.  It is white with red and brown geometric flowers and I have not a clue what to make with it.  Originally, I was thinking a 50s blouse (can you say Portrait Blouse by Gertie) perhaps featuring it as an overlay.

One yard may not be enough even though it is 54″ wide at my size.  There has got to be SOMETHING I can do with this to show it off (not a quilt either; bwwahhh haaa). Too I am wondering what would be good to go underneath for modesty?

Can you clever gals think of anything?




7 thoughts on “A Bit of Silk

  1. Lara

    Pretty! If you don’t have enough for a blouse, how about using as a deep ruffle on a red skirt? Another idea would be to make it into a rectangle, perhaps with some pleating or gathering for a little shaping, and use it as a stole. What a great “problem” to have :-)!


  2. If you are going for something simple, how about a lovely neck scarf? I had a small scrap of a lovely patterned silk charmeuse which was too small even for a top. I just cut the sides straight, did a rolled hem on the edges and wore it as a scarf. And I got lots of compliments on it too!


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