Vogue 9100


Vogue 9100 Dress

I pert near died to get my hands on this Vogue 9100 dress pattern.  Why I even sewed a bust mock-up to make sure the bust area fit properly.  Yaw’ll know I hate making muslins.  Thankfully I did the right thing where this frock is concerned and persevered through it.

Vogue 9100 Project

The pattern came with multi-sized  bodices which was cool.  I cut out the “D” version and armed with Create the Perfect Fit: Measuring and Pattern Fitting for Real Sewing Solutions by Joi Mahon I took a pinch skosh in at the upper back area. I thought I was something after that.

Vogue 9100 Dress 1Vogue 9100 Dress 1
Vogue 9100 Dress 1

The weekend was so busy fun I did not get a shot of me in the dress.  Well, I did get a bit of it in the photo with one of my besties the other day.  Here’s the project stats:

  • Fabric:  Thrifted bed sheet, approximately $2.00
  • Zipper:  from stash
  • Level of difficulty:  Easy Vogue
  • Remake:  More than likely.  I love the yellow, black, and white fabric on the pattern envelope

One thing about this project, even after making a muslin and thinking it fit I am not entirely happy with the bust area.  I would like to try this again with the “C” cup and see what gives.  I wore this with a full figure brassiere and as you can see part of the bra shows, grrrr.  That was annoying while wearing my dress.  Now, I could wear another style bra that I have been sporting lately but it does not support as well as this one.  I’ll bet it would not show.  More importantly, the bodice bust area feels too big.  I mean, the girls seem to go on and on in this bodice!  Now Mr. Lyric doesn’t agree and says they’re simply big (rolling my eyes).  I keep thinking a C and 1/2 cup may fit better, LOL.

A slim belt might not be too bad of an accessory also.  What do you think?  Overall, I do like the dress and it was very comfortable to wear.






P.S.  I had one a thrifted petticoat while wearing this frock.  Honestly, I think that was the first time in my life of wearing a crinoline.  My bestie commented on how large I looked but I decided the feminine feeling I had outweighed my looking big; after all, I am big.


8 thoughts on “Vogue 9100

  1. Lara

    Fit issues are the scariest thing for me about sewing. The “Big Four” are notorious for having huge amounts of ease in their patterns, and I’ve run into numerous comments about how you can sometimes size down, especially in the bust area. One thing I’ve read is to compare finished garment measurements to size measurements. Sometimes you have to measure the pattern pieces between the seam lines and add up fronts and backs. It seems like a bother, but a few minutes of math can save resources…maybe allow fewer muslins. It’s neat to see you progressing with improving your skills. It’s inspiring me to do the same as soon as I get my machine repaired.

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  3. danvillegirl

    Lovely dress and I am always amazed at sewist like you who can turn a bed sheet into a fabulous dress!!!! It looks very cool and comfortable for summer.


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