Table Cloth to Vogue 7057

V7057 Cap Sleeve In
The edge of the table cloth was used to finish off the top and skirt. Yay, no hemming!

I do not know how this old pattern wound up on my table last week. Especially considering I scheduled myself to make three dresses between a couple of weeks ago and the 30th for our convention. This pattern is so old the instructions are yellowing and I no longer wear a size 14 – 18. Thankfully I did not thrift it away. The style is timeless – don’t you think?

Vogue 7057

Armed with a Joi Mahon library book, Create the Perfect Fit: Measuring and Pattern Fitting for Real Sewing Solutions, I knew I could make this outfit and have it fit moi. I have got to purchase my own copy of her book. There is probably a limit on renewals and surely I can not continue to do that, LOL.

The fabric of choice is a thrifted table cloth from who knows where. I am having  time getting it back to crisp white.  When I unfolded it there were yellow stains all over it.  Remembering White Brite, a whitening product, in the cabinet on hand I soaked it and voila it came out looking much better.  I washed it according to instructions, hung it out on the line to dry.  By golly when I woke up in the morning there were what appeared to be bird pooh pellets all over it.  You see, I had it hanging from one clothesline to another so it would not touch the ground.  There were streaks of brown I guess where the pooh-looking stuff hit the cloth then rolled to where it rested (rolling my eyes here in disgust).  The thing wound up worse at the second than it was at the beginning.  And, get this . . . I was out of White Brite.

The plan was to take it to my friend’s house, re-wash and IF it did not come clean to Rit dye it some pretty colour not already in my wardrobe.  It worked.  White Brite is the truth.

As I planned the layout in my head placing the skirt and top hem area on the decorative edge of the tablecloth “fabric” will be pretty.  Yay, no hemming!  I read somewhere that lining a skirt makes it wear better.  A nice, lightweight cotton will do just fine.

This outfit was comfy to wear AND I got comps.  What a cool combination!  This is my only photo wear my tablecloth to Vogue outfit!  I had such a spiritually good time at convention I don’t even want to crop out my spiritual sister.  The smiles on our faces tell it all.

Vogue tablecloth outfit Cheers,


17 thoughts on “Table Cloth to Vogue 7057

    1. THANK YOU, eimear! Yeah, I’m screaming because the cap sleeve was a point of “should I; should I not” and “should I” won out. My arms beg to be covered. Thank you for stopping by.




  1. Trish

    Hey Lyric, that’s so pretty. You would pay tons for it in a posh shop. And it’s a basic, so good for MAGAM too. Win win! Did you make the skirt too? That looks interesting as well, on the pattern. See, it’s sometimes good to hoard 😀


  2. This is a great pattern! I also love reusing sheets, tablecloths etc. in my sewing — what a great tip about WhiteBrite, I didn’t know about it. It’s such a thrifty and environmentally conscious habit to recycle textiles 🙂 You look beautiful in this glowing linen.


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