McCalls 6993 – Update


McCalls 6993

Skirt, View A, was my May – Make A Garment A Month challenge project.  It was completed in June but I just had to have the right top to make my outfit complete.  My heart was set on recreating the outfit on the pattern envelope.

McCalls 6993

Look what I found:


The chosen fabric is Beige, Dark Olive Green & Dark Gray Light Weight Worsted Wool Suiting Fabric Imported from Italy Suitable for Slacks, Suits & Jackets 100% Worsted Wool 63″ Wide Hand Wash Cold or Dry Clean from Fashion Fabric Club.

The pattern went together smoothly.  Not sure why I was surprised at that.  In looking at my skirt and the envelope perhaps I need to take it to the dry cleaners an have them steam it.  I pressed and pressed and yet it is not flat on the front like the envelope.  Wait, I interlined the skirt which added much weight to the wool fabric.  Come to think of it that had to effect the final look.  I wonder if I used a press cloth and steam would that make a difference in the pleats lying down?

To find brown, cuban-heeled, seamed stockings would make this outfit totally rock!







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27 thoughts on “McCalls 6993 – Update

    1. Neither do I think It’ll do me justice with this big belly of mine. Guess what . . . I DON’T CARE. Bwwahhh haaa. You know me, I’ll wear it with pride and dare somebody to say something about my gut. Why. I’ll even take a pic of it for the blog post when I’m done.


  1. Lara

    We’re pattern twins, twice over! I have the pattern from this post and the Folkwear pattern in your last post, and I haven’t sewn either one of them yet. (Life has waylaid my reading the last few days.) And the shoes!! I have wide, difficult to fit feet, so finding shoes can be a miserable experience, but sometimes I get lucky. No sewing for me for a while, my machine broke the other day, boo! I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with “our” patterns. I hope you enjoy them.

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    1. Hi Lara,

      How cool we are PTs (pattern twins). Do you write reviews over at Pattern Review? Oh, the Folkwear arrived today. Not sure when I’ll get to it. Would be nice to wear to a convention we go to each year. This year it will be the end of July. Yes, perhaps I should shoot for that event. 🙂 Oh, and some ladylike gloves to boot. Mm mmm mm, with some white 30’s style shoes if I could find/afford some. We’ll see.


    1. You are welcome, darlin’!!!!!! Get this, my baby girl wants me to make her a Minoru (geesh, gonna get sick of the thing). Ha ha ha. Gotta make my grandbaby one of those shopping cart thingies. I’m on line now looking for some cotton to hook her up.


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  3. I started this skirt in a cotton herringbone linen last year and the fabric unraveled all over the place.The yoke area was kinda tight on me so i didnt finish it. I just have to hem it. I love the style though.


    1. I can imagine about that waist area. Definitely should have done a muslin, but nooooooo, hard-headed missy here. Well, it’s cut out, sitting on my table awaiting interfacing. I set it aside to complete a couple of other things. Now, I’m tired of looking at the fabric and need to “git r done”.




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  7. ljhs


    Love your blog and all the things you make. Try adding vinegar to water and spraying the skirt pleats before you iron them. That should do the trick. Keep up all the good work. ljhs


    1. Uwwww, thanks, ljhs. I’m gonna write that down (girl, so I can remember) and do that. I don’t think our town even has a dry cleaner now that I think of it. Ain’t that cra cra?


  8. Trish

    Well you know I love the outfit! But maybe a little steaming would help the pleats. Perhaps gently steam with a cloth on the inside too? Love the top, it goes perfectly! And the shoes, they are a find!


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